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Do you just need love and dependence?

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5 months ago

💞 Good morning everyone. 💞

We all want basic necessities and then we believe in the motivation to seek security, safety and comfort.

Then the need for love and the forgiveness that comes with it comes to mind.

There is a need to start a deep rematch with other members of the society or with them to start a family that you yourself are having difficulty with.

We all want to be accepted members of society and we need a dedicated environment.

They depend on the fulfillment and satisfaction of emotional, psychological and protective needs.

In general, we as human beings live only with those whom we consider to be food, living, and living in a state of health and well-being. ۔ Are also worried about.

We all need love and connection because of employees.

Do you need this love and relationship?

Thanks for reading 💞

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