Things to pay attention to when eating sahur

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Today fasting in the month of Ramadan has entered 8 days. And I'm very grateful that I didn't have any problems with my stomach while fasting for these 8 days. And at dawn, I always take ulcer medicine regularly so that when fasting, stomach acid doesn't increase.

For those of you who ask "what is sahur or early breakfast?". In short, what I quoted from Wikipedia sahur is an eating activity for us (Muslims) which is done in the early hours of the morning. Sahur is the last meal before entering the fasting time which starts at dawn until sunset.

"What are the things that must be considered when eating sahur?"

The things we need to pay attention to when eating sahur so that we are strong during fasting include:

• Do not consume high caffeine

The first reason to pay attention to is not to consume high caffeinated. Actually it's okay, only with portions that are not too much so you don't get thirstier faster when fasting. Because, caffeine can accelerate the need to consume water. So it is not really recommended if you consume too much caffeine during sahur.

• do not consume too much that is too sweet

Indeed, consuming foods and drinks that are too sweet can indeed make the stomach fuller. it's just that this is temporary the feeling of fullness you feel. And after about 2 hours, you will feel hungry again.

• Do not eat with excess seasoning foods

Isn't it more delicious when the food has lots of spices? Yes of course that's true. But you need to know, if you eat breakfast with food that has a lot of spices, whether it's salty or spicy, you will be thirsty faster after consuming it. Therefore, it's enough for you to give reasonable seasonings so as not to trigger a feeling of excessive dehydration when after eating food with excessive spices.

• Don't sleep after sahur

The latter is what most people (including me sometimes) do most is sleep after eating sahur. You already know what effect sleep has after eating. But if you don't know, sleeping after sahur can cause some digestive problems because the body works harder to digest food.

Even though just lying down can also provoke a stomach acid reaction. This is quite dangerous if stomach acid rises. It takes about 1 or 2 hours to digest the food you eat at suhoor and after that you can sleep afterwards.

So, those are the things to watch out for when eating sahur. It is important to choose a menu for a good and healthy meal so that the fast goes smoothly until it's time to break the fast. How about you guys? Are you currently fasting with a menu that is beyond reason as I explained? Tell me in the comments.

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