The epidemic and the filibusters

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Social experiences of the spread of epidemics. So the epidemic is called epidemic because it is spreading rapidly in communities and increasing the number of sick and dying people. This is the reason why the immediate, urgent and widespread implementation of health measures is necessary to prevent this immediately.

It is important that organized, systematic and universal measures should be taken if it is intended to prevent people from becoming infected and preventing deaths and illnesses.

The spread of the epidemic is a social experience so coordinated response from scientists, the medical community, the government, as well as the authors who publish the realistic disease report is also required. It requires the response of scientists and professionals of the medical community to ensure effective treatment and adherence to general treatment protocols.

Because the government has the most resources, controls over institutions, and has the power to mobilize funds and personnel to reduce disease, those in government are expected to take advantage of the national response to the health crisis.

More importantly, systematic disclosure of the actual status of the spread of the epidemic is needed to ensure that citizens are well informed and aware of the steps to be taken to prevent the disease, and what to do in the case of human disease .

The people's health problems are one of the most unpopular studies historians have studied and recognized as a campaign launched by illustrators in their propaganda and reform movement in the late 19th century. Many scientists and medical professionals are part of the propaganda movement.

Apart from Jose Rizal, Mariano Ponce, Trinidad Pardo de Tavera and Dominador Gomez also completed medicine. Antonio Luna is a pharmacist while Edilberto Evangelista is an engineer. Even from a scientific orientation, scientists and medical illustrators have been involved in the propaganda movement and have written numerous medical studies while involved in propaganda and political campaigns.

Many are amazed at Antonio Luna's extensive study of malaria. Jose Rizal is considered the father of ophthalmology in the Philippines. Studies on herbal medicine and indigenous methods of spreading the disease are some of the influential studies published by Trinidad Pardo de Tavera. Not only as Asian revolutionaries but as fellow doctors became the basis of Mariano Ponce's close friendship with Sun Yat sen.

One of the most underrated is the writing of Dominador Gomez and its contribution to Philippine history. In many cases, his name is only mentioned by his association with his stepfather, Father Mariano Gomez, who was raped when he was young; or his urge on Macario Ably to accept the offer of amnesty by the Americans to continue the 1907 .

National Assembly election.

Dominador Gomez

Dominador Gomez has played an important role in other areas of Philippine history. While studying until he completed medicine in Spain, he was involved in organizing the Hispano-Filipino Asociacion with Miguel Morayta, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Marcelo H. del Pilar and Antonio Luna.

He has also been a regular writer at La Solidaridad. Like Isabelo de los Reyes, he was also influenced by some working-class thoughts. So when he returned to the Philippines, he became active in the labor movement and led the Union Obrera Democratica after Isabelo de los Reyes.

Because of its leadership in the trade union movement, some of the most widespread workers' strikes have come to light. His leadership also carried out some of the biggest Labor Day workers' protests that put him in the spotlight on Americans.

During his first political involvement, his writings became prominent in the journal La Solidaridad, the official newspaper of the Reform and Propaganda Movement. Along with some illustrations, she can read some of the essays and writings she contributed to the state of public health in the Philippines.

In the early years of La Solidaridad, there will be some scientific and medical essays written by the illustrators. In his pen name Ramiro Franco, Dominador Gomez discusses several issues related to public health, which can be read in his essay on Death Causes of Epidemic. At some point, he said

Not all measures have been taken to limit the spread of disease to thousands of citizens and allowed it to spread as an epidemic, which has become endemic in the long run, after widespread harm to society. Thereafter, the people's condition and environment will be blamed for the spread of the disease, in fact, as a result of its worsening lack of knowledge as well as neglect to support those who are required to provide urgent relief for it.

In many cases, the blame is redefined in the old line of sin by the ignorant, and the so-called filibusters and opponents of the people. Let us remember what Rizal said when discussing the same situation; "I forget such obstacles!" Yes, we have to forget these obstacles and we must express our free will, and as we are affected by the lament of suffering and pain experienced by humanity, we need to express our criticism and criticism fearlessly, focusing on those official of the Philippine archipelago

Meanwhile, citizens are dying and doctors have to deal with the mistakes of those in government; publishes articles (on illness) that are informative but ignore them because the authorities do not understand them; criticizing the town and blaming its climate; the perpetuation of the unemployment and the arrogance and arrogance of those who lead the absolutism and despotism that poison the moral and material life of the people; as the virus spreads of typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, syphilis and other diseases such as Damocles' sword pointing at our head; just wink and get a smile that the leaders seem to enjoy, more or less lazily, thinking nothing but how to climb into a position of power, in the future, with all the joy and self-belief they proudly have done. work as a noble person. (Translation to me. FG) it.

From the time of the illustrations, the importance of providing adequate and appropriate information as part of addressing the spread of diseases, especially during the epidemic, has been shown. But instead of being open to expressing the people's actual state of health, the government has even labeled those who publish the truth as filibusters and opponents of the people. Not open to the use of scientific studies, those in government simply used despotic and absolutistic measures without accepting and closed to other ideas.

Authorities still criticize and criticize the common people as well as the climate and climate of the archipelago's nature and do not accept any responsibility for what they do. While doing nothing, it is only laziness and neglect that the medical and medical authorities are ordered to administer to the sick. They use health programs not only to curb the epidemic and spread of the disease, but to position themselves in a potentially higher government position in the future.

According to Dominador Gomez and other journalists in history, the pressures of those in government have served as a deterrent to alleviating people's problems. Nonetheless, it still emphasizes criticism and criticism, the expression of free thought, the expression of truth and the search for a cure for the pain that mankind is experiencing. There is much more to learn from the teachings and statements of history. More writing from the considered filibusters needs to be returned.

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