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3 years ago

Every night before we go to bed I'm always preparing the candle for my light when I'm sleep.

And I actually did not seeing anybody, or anything,or even the night skies outside the house, because it's empty. All I can see Is a dark sky and dark sorroundings.

It's very quite,there is no sound or music, but there is a tick-tick-tick. And a click coming from the mouse of the laptop of my cousin daughter.

I let the candle open, so that I can see some light inside in our room. So I don't feel empty. But more lonely.

So Do I think myself so very untouched?

No love.

But we have food.

But still, I'm not happy.

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Wow what a nice write 👆

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3 years ago

That's awesome write up dear

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3 years ago