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  1. What is Dual Token

Dual token sales are new type of funding options where one token Is designed to raise funds and other as utility.

2. What is ZCash

Zcash is a CryptoCurrency mostly used as a cash options, the name says it all.

3. Why We Should Avoid Ethereum

They have a transaction fee and they called it "gas fee" which applies to the smart contract.

Another thing. Those Erc-20 under the blockchain of Eth needs gas fee before you obtain the coin(like airdrops). Like, I really don't know why ETH made this kind of system.

  1. Bitcoin Diamond VS Ethereum Classic

With time when more people start paying more attention to Bitcoin, people will start buying Bitcoin diamond because it's way cheaper, and it will surpass Ethereum Classic, but for now Ethereum Classic is winning but things could change very soon. 

  1. Beginner's Luck / Splinterland.

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