Zuckerberg gives advice on how to use Facebook.

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Many people enter Facebook or Instagram and keep scrolling all day to see various posts. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook's parent company Meta, is not in favor of such scrolling. In his view, social media is made for establishing relationships.

American media NBC said in a report, Mark Zuckerberg spends most of his time on social media. But you'll never see him aimlessly scrolling through Instagram reels. Zuckerberg believes that the maximum utility of using social media can be obtained only when it is used more as a means of communication.

Mark Zuckerberg recently gave an interview on American comedian and presenter Joe Rogan's podcast program 'Joe Rogan Experience'. He said, according to him, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be beneficial for the well-being of users. However, the primary condition in this case is that they should be used as a means of communication to connect with each other.

Zuckerberg said, "I wouldn't call him bad if he just sits and watches the content." But you don't get the benefits of engaging with this topic by just scrolling throughconstructively Besides Zuckerberg, there are others who are discouraging excessive use of social media. Studies have shown that excessive use of social media leads to increased depression and anxiety in some users. However, experts say, this only applies to those who are busy scrolling through social media. It does not apply to those who use it constructively.

A 2019 study from Harvard University found that regular social media use, such as daily liking of content shared by others, is positively associated with social well-being and overall mental health. But the opposite also happens when one becomes overly dependent on social media. In this case, there is also the issue of getting emotional which is mentally damaged.

Mesfin Aoke Bekalu, one of the authors of the study, explained in an interview that when someone repeatedly visits an app for fear of missing out (FMO) and feels disconnected from friends because of a lack of social media logins, it has a negative impact on their health.

Zuckerberg has claimed that his goal with Facebook is not to keep people on the Internet for too long. He is also planning this with his metaverse. Instead, he wants the time people spend on the Internet to be more interesting and useful for interacting with each other.

"I don't want people to spend more time with computers," Zuckerberg said. I just want the time people spend on screen to be more effective.

Of course, Zuckerberg does not have to endure criticism less. Critics argue that Facebook and Instagram are addictive. It is harmful for teenagers and children. Facebook, however, has brought several features to respond to criticism. How much time someone will spend on social media, his time can be determined.

Facebook has been working on Metaverse for quite some time now. 'Metaverse' is essentially a virtual world. It is a three-dimensional world where many people can connect together through the Internet. Everyone interacts in the virtual world through a three-dimensional avatar.

Zuckerberg said, this metaverse is the future of his company's other services including Facebook. So he changed the name of Facebook's parent organization to 'Meta'. In the meantime, Meta has spent about 3 billion US dollars to create the Metaverse (virtual world). Zuckerberg is trying to highlight the positive side of the virtual world. "If someone reacts with anger, we don't show it to others," he said. We don't want to escalate the anger issue.

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It still boils down to how we use social media. It depends on us.

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