Death of Elizabeth IIRani has survived the storm.

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The Queen weathered all the storms with unprecedented skill and preserved the British monarchy and tradition. Adapted himself to reality.

The last 70 years have seen various ups and downs around the world. Political unrest, wars and technology-driven lifestyles have changed. Despite all this, the British monarchy was sustained by Queen Elizabeth II. Change is not only in other countries of the world, but also in the UK, the monarchy is in crisis. But Queen Elizabeth has managed to protect the British monarchy and tradition by handling all the waves with an unprecedented skill. As to how this was possible, the general consensus is that he was cautious and attuned to reality. His sense of responsibility, adherence to rules and conservatism in expressing personal views have helped him adapt to chanQueen When Elizabeth was born 96 years ago, it was said about the extent of the British Empire that the sun would never set on that empire. That empire had control over 60 crore people. But five years before he ascended the throne, British colonial rule in India ended. However, much of Africa was still under the colonial rule of the British Empire. Almost all of which have since become independent. Ghana became independent for the first time during his reign, in 1957. And the last republic in its lifetime was the Caribbean nation of Barbados, in November last year. The Queen herself was not present at the independence ceremony of those states, but sent representatives of the royal family, in whose presence the British flag was lowered. However, although these states are independent, almost all of them accepted the membership of the Commonwealth alliance and accepted a decorative guardianship of the Queen.

The Queen's special interest in maintaining relations with former colonies is reflected. On the 25th, 50th and 75th anniversaries of his accession to the throne, he himself or a member of the royal family has made special visits to those countries. The way the Kenyan newspapers reported the news of the Queen's death on Friday was almost comparable to the British newspapers. When King George VI died, Elizabeth was on a tour of Kenya, from which she ascended the throne. Kenya's presidential election winner William Ruto praised the Queen's historic legacy, saying Kenyans will miss the Queen's sincere relationship with the country. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recalled Nelson Mandela's friendship with the Queen. In the post-colonial period, the leadership of the former colonies and the people of the former colonies have to be considered as a unique achievement.

The Queen's personal contacts and the warmth of cooperation at various times were highlighted in official condolences from Commonwealth leaders. He has visited almost all the countries of the Commonwealth and maintains some sort of link. Heads of state from other countries outside the Commonwealth have also praised Queen Elizabeth II's role as head of state. US President Joe Biden has called her 'more than an empress, a maker of an era'. The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, said that the death of the Queen, who led Britain in a turbulent time in the world, is a great loss not only for the British people, but also for the international communvisit

As the British Queen, Elizabeth II not only held an important position in politics, but she was also the head of the Protestant branch of Christianity. In 2011, the Queen visited the Republic of Ireland. The visit was particularly significant against the backdrop of Northern Ireland's long historical conflict with Catholic-dominated Ireland and its bloody history of violence. Irish Prime Minister Mitchell Martin described her tenure as a "historic time" and her departure as "the end of an era", recalling the Queen's courtesy visit.

The Suez Crisis, the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Falklands War, the attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the War on Terror, the Iraq War and the Covid pandemic—all happened in his lifetime. It was during his time that the UK became a member of the European Union, and it was during his time that it broke with Europe. The Queen never took any side in these political matters, political decisions were made in Parliament. Not only has 14 Prime Ministers been appointed in the United Kingdom during his tenure, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have also had about the same number of prime ministers. He was also the head of state of those countries.

Queen Elizabeth has been able to sustain the British monarchy despite the various adversities of turbulent times due to her duty and adherence to rules. During the Covid pandemic, when then Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the law and created a scandal in Downing Street with one party after another, the Queen attended the funeral of her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, sitting alone in a corner of the church in accordance with governmresources In the 1960s, the loyalty of the common people to the monarchy began to change somewhat. After Harold Macmillan resigned in 1963, a constitutional crisis arose and Queen Elizabeth became the center of political controversy. At that time it was decided to isolate the queen and the monarchy from the day-to-day activities of the government. Rani also kept pace with the changing times. The Queen's responsibilities are limited to performing official duties, keeping abreast of national affairs and advising the government.

Then the nineties were the worst period for the royal family. Various scandals and disasters started in the royal family. The Queen's second son, the Duke of York, and his wife, Sarah, separated. The marriage of daughter Princess Anne and husband Mark Phillips broke up. Prince Charles and Diana are deeply unhappy in their marriage, it is revealed. Windsor Castle, the Queen's favorite residence, suffered a major fire that year. There is a fierce debate about whether the government should bear the cost of repairing the building, or whether it should be spent from the queen's own resources.

While the Queen is trying to restore the royal family's image amid such public controversy, the sudden death of Princess Diana comes as a major shock to the British royal family. After Diana's death in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, the Queen received a storm of criticism. The pro-monarchy newspaper also carried the headline 'Rani Kair'.

In the face of public criticism, the Queen finally paid tribute to daughter-in-law Diana's memory by addressing the nation and announced that the royal family would receive education.

However, the recent revelations about the lavish lifestyle of another of the Queen's sons, Prince Andrew, caused embarrassment for the Queen. The Queen stripped Prince Andrew of his military status and decided to prevent him from performing royal duties. Similarly, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle made a big stir when the royal family revealed many unpleasant things about the Queen's great-grandson Prince Harry marrying a non-white lover. Harry and Meghan lost all royal privileges and moved to the United Stattalk.These controversies created temporary challenges for the monarchy, but the queen handled them well. The celebration of 70 years of his reign reflected an incredible outpouring of support for the royal family. The Queen's death is expected to reinvigorate the British public's love for the royal family. However, it cannot be said that everyone is 100% confident about his successor, King Charles III. Past allegations of attempts to interfere in government affairs are a source of skepticism. And the question of what will be the position of the royal family in other countries outside the United States is not negligible. The Green Party of Australia has already commented that the time has come to transform the country into a republic. However, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, known as a republican, said that now is not the time for this talk.

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