The Impact of covid-19 to the students.

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3 years ago

This pandemic make our lives more difficult, specially to the students who've suffered from anxiety, stress and depressions. There are some of them thinking if they are able to enroll during this crisis. However the governmet still searching for possible solutions to continue the so called "system of education". So, they came up with the idea of applying the new means of learning by the help of modern technology. But there are some hindrances and obstacles that the students might encounter in this new learning system, although these are already part of everyone's life, we are the one or responsible on how we handle those challenges.

Here are some impacts of covid-19;

  1. A lot of students struggling financially . There are some of them may not able to buy the mediums needed for online classes such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

  2. Source of Internet, this new means of learning requires a stable internet connection for them to communicate with their teachers as well as in submitting assignments and any other school relating activities. But there are students who live in their provinces and in some rural areas. How can they approach or communicate with their teachers and classmates? Although there is also a modular learning it's still not enough for the student to learn by themselves.

  3. Anxiety and Depressions, there are news that some students commits suicide because of being stressed if the were able to enroll in this semester. These two factor affects deeply the lives of the youth on how they behave, the change in emotions and how they made decisions.

This pandemic might be a challenge for us from God, so, for those students who've suffered enough don't lose hope and do your best. Together we can make things happen, we all need to survive and beat this crisis.

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