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A married man was having the day of his life. It was his children's birthday, he's beautiful non-identical twins. And he was out celebrating with his wife and the celebrants, Tommy the boy and Rachel, the girl. It was an event full of laughter and joy.

They had gone to a local restaurant as the venue for the celebration, they ordered two cakes with candles that were about to be blown out by his two children. "What more could a husband and a father ask for ", so he thought before the waiter interrupted, bringing him an envelope. His bill he thought, as the waiter faded away into the background. But he had never been given his bill in an envelope before.

He opened it while hearing his wife's voice in the background of his mind, "come on, make a wish, honey". It was a letter. It read "there's a sniper buildings across, locked on to your wife. Look at the red dot on her forehead if you don't believe...". He paused.

He looked at his wife while she looked back concerned with the expression her husband had on his face and said "what's wrong love? "... She had a red dot on her head.

His heart already started racing, he trembled as he continued reading, "... You'll do as I say or she dies". Mute, was the way everything seemed as he tried to understand what the hell was going on.

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The start is not bad at all, it is a trend that is occasionally exploited, what you have started to write, but in any case it is always intriguing and exciting to read posts like yours.

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3 years ago

Thank you for such nice comments, I'm glad you loved.

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3 years ago