Hitman-Victim 3

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My name is Henry Baker and I was about to become a hitman and a victim. I was having the greatest day of my life, so how could something like that possibly happen? I'll tell you how.

Myself and my wife, Charlotte Baker, along with my two kids, Tommy and Rachel Baker were at a local restaurant celebrating. What was the event? My kids' birthday. They were twins, and for a father to be present with his family on this special day, means the world to him. I couldn't ask for more, but I guess sometimes we're given more than we ask for.

Right there in the middle of the whole happy moment 'thingy', an envelope came in. I swear, if only I knew the contents, I wouldn't have opened it.

Well, it read "your wife is being locked on by a sniper, buildings across, if you don't believe me, look at the red dot on her forehead...".

Flustered was an understatement to describe how I felt. I looked at my wife and she looked like an Indian woman with a red dot on her forehead.

What was I going to do? It was my children's birthday, twins, and this was not the kind of birthday, I had in mind.

I continued reading, "...now that you have confirmed, let's get to work. Any minute now a man will walk in with alot of bodyguards, that's him. You will kill him or your wife dies.

You'll be the assassin and him your target, you'll be a Hitman and him your victim...".

Now, I'm supposedly to kill someone I don't know, haven't met and hasn't done anything wrong to me.

"No" was the word I thought in my heart. "I'm not going to do this". "this has to be a sick joke", so I thought while looking for the waiter who gave me the envelope.

I couldn't see her clear enough, as my gaze wasn't on her, but I could tell my wife was staring wondering what was happening. The kids however, didn't notice a thing.

"there he is!", the waiter, I got up to meet him just when I saw... 'him', my soon to be victim. Walking in with his body guards.

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