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What to do with the Libra? - Facebook Cryptocurrency

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9 months ago

Dear all of you out there. I have thought and read a lot but don't know what to expect of this Crypto currency Libra.

Is it a stablecoin, is it worth investing in even though it is a stable coin, what do you think?

All i know is, A want to be a part of this Crypto rocket that is beeing called up right now and i know will fly really soon. I know that when big companys is starting something on a already established market they know it will give then some kind of advantage at some point, but is it something i can benefit from if i get in on this jurney fast.

I know that anything you will say i cant be 100% sure about because it is in the future, but i am sure that there are so many more people out there with the same question as me, we read som understand some of it but don't know what actually to take with us and what is come kind of bull :-)

So tell me you magic big internet, what to think and expect of this Libra?



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