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What to do with 200.000 dollars?

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10 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)

Happy new year!!! New year new opportunity for the right advice/people….

Dear you

I have a dear friend that have one problem.

She just got 200.000 dollars and need them to work for her.

But what to do when she dont know anything about investing, crypto, property management etc.

I have thought of some ways for her but i need you to step up and tell me what i/she can do to get these money to work for her and.

1: She could just go to one of the many investment sites there is en DK and all over the world and put her money there. It will be easy, but will it the most out of her money? Will it be to risky if she put it all in one property, and then the property and business shows not to be that great of a deal. Would i be better to put it in more than3-5 properties ? I dont know many you do?

2: She could be active in investing, in Crypto, normal stock etc. She know nothing about it but right now i maybe would be the time to try and get something to grow for her. I think this would be the best idea if she wants a lot out of her buck, but also the most risky —> she i not into risk :-)

3: Invest it all in bonds

 This is the most risky but also the way she will never get what she really want out of her money. I personally think that this is to borring and the risk is so lov and the outcome to that it will never give what she actually want of her money. A bond will give you what 5% max and is locked for exchange for 2-5 years :-(

4: Get a hold of a financial advisor and a “left hand” but is this not just to make life easy and not get a dime out of her money.

I dont know i just guessing here, i really want some good advice, for you the professionel. Are there some good articles, persons to talk to etc. Plz let me know.

Much love and thx for the help!  

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Written by   4
10 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)
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