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Crypto can change your life

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10 months ago

I have always wanted to invest in housing so I could have a great passive income and have some of the greatest assets. But my life have the last 10 years been with debt to the IRS. When you in Denmark have that you can't borrow money to own a house.

So I thought about what can i do to get out of this debt to the irs. I work a lot and I have a family I want to see as well. I started Crypto mining and investing. Wow, what a great way for me to go into the market and actually have a clue about what to do.

I love that it is so much easier to figure out than “normal” investing, and it is really easy both to start and to be an active participant.

So I will recommend everybody to start here.

I Have now invested 100 euro and already gained 20% 

Want to know what to do, don't tell me just trust your gut.

I am looking very much forward to update you on my Crypto journey the next couple of weeks when i go and cash some in and get to dive deeper into this world....

Do you have any suggestions on what to do/invest in?

The next post will be about how to trust your gut feeling and go with the flow….


Michall Gabriell

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My biggest advice for crypto investing: don't trust any advice for crypto investing from strangers on the Internet 😉 Welcome!

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10 months ago

Dear you, thx for commenting. What then to trust? :-)

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10 months ago

I'd say nothing, but it's a spectrum. Friends and relatives more or less, advice from strangers on the Internet - preferably - never :) There are tons of scams around cryptocurrencies, especially those involving "investments" and easy money. If somethings is too good to be true - it probably is :)

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10 months ago

That is true.

What is the best to do in this era to get my money work for me?

And thx for the personal and quick reply....

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10 months ago

Well, having something in a good cryptocurrency won't hurt. My recommendation would be obvious - Bitcoin Cash :) that's the one we use on this site. Just don't go crazy and invest more than you can afford to lose - it might years and years before people discover why Bitcoin Cash is great. Other than that it really depends on your preferences - some mix of real estate, stock market / index funds, physical gold.

Also, consult a lawyer about crypto taxes :) Europe sometimes has crazy laws where each conversion of a coin counts as a "sell" and therefore is a taxable event. I don't think anyone would care about $100, but if you plan to do more of it - I'd at least research it.

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10 months ago

Just buy some of the top 20-30 coins and you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t invest on any ico

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8 months ago