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My top 1 coin and pick during this bear market for the next bull run.

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2 months ago

It's been over a year since we experienced the start of a major down trend in the crypto market and since then fears are the sentiment from a lot of people in the crypto space. And indeed we got in the expected bear market where most coins dropped over -90% from their last bull run highs.

When the whole market was in an uptrend, lots of people became too greedy for more and ended up losing their investments when a major drawdown happened. But right now, when the market has dropped significantly, people are worried and feeling fears that the market won't be able to recover anymore.

But the best time to build up our portfolio was during these times, when the whole crypto market was in a huge sale and trying to pick up a project and get ready for the new bull run that could be happening in a time where no one can expect.

And this article will be about my top 1 pick that has a huge upside potential when a new uptrend takes place that's currently undervalued with great history of price action from the last bull market.

$WOO Token

$WOO is probably my best pick at these time that can have the same potential as $BNB. The people behind this project aren't just small fries in the crypto space. Kronos, a group of people, that contributes billions of dollars of volume trading everyday, are behind this great project.

During the recent bull market, $WOO token made an all-time high of over $2.00. Currently, $WOO is trading at $0.1850 with a market cap just over $220 million. Such a low cap with great features and huge upside potential in the near future.

$WOO is a deflationary exchange token because of its monthly burning mechanism. WOO Exchange, the trading platform of WOO network, uses a huge percentage from trading fees to buy back $WOO tokens and burn them to have a lesser token circulation in the open market.

WOO token offers great features for its users. And the best thing I personally like is its zero-trading fee in its platform. You would only need 1,800 $WOO tokens, stake it and you will be automatically eligible to have a zero-fee trading experience in their platform.

You can also stake $WOO and receive a yummy APR of 16% from the different liquidity pools that's available in their platform.

My Price Prediction For $WOO Token.

Currently sitting at just over $220 million market cap, $WOO is undeniably a very low cap project that has a lot to offer for investors, traders and institutions. For the next bull run, I can see this project skyrocketing to at least at $10 billion valuation - that will be around 50x of current valuation.

It may seem very impossible to reach it but if the team behind this project continues to deliver. We might see $WOO token trading at $10 per piece. Of course, this will not happen overnight and obviously no one can say when will it happen. But the product, the team and its value for the crypto space is saying that it will eventually get there.

This article is not a financial advice to anyone and does tell anyone to do everything I mentioned in this content. This is only my personal view and serves as guide to everyone who reads. Trade responsibly and trade at your own risk.

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Written by   50
2 months ago
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