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The 21st century thief

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2 months ago

While growing up, we greeted each other with hugs and shakes,
We were neither scared of being infected nor violating any rules,
I could sneeze freely without anyone looking at me,
The world was peaceful,
We could travel round the world without fear of being infected,
Then came the virus,
The dreaded virus of our time,
That virus that brought chaos between countries,
From the young to the old,
Everyone sings about the wickedness of the virus,
When it holds you,
It doesn't let go,
You will be quarantined,
How else will I define quarantine than a prison,
A prison meant to take us away from the ones we love,
Our family and friends,
Our beautiful houses and cars,
Everything is taken away by corona virus,
Robbing us of our joy, peace and sound mind,
Making the little ones miss their daddy and mummy,
Making parents miss their sons and daughters,
Oh corona virus you have robbed alot of their jobs,
What would have happened to us if they wasn't
Everyday am happy for the site,
You have broken so many homes and thrown many into depression,
One day is for the thief and one day is for the owner,
One day you will be apprehended,
Our peaceful world will return to us,
Then we won't be scared when we hear people sneeze,
We will great each other with hugs and kisses,
Keep robbing but remember the clock is fast ticking,
Soon the time will be near,
Our world will be free of you,
The thief of the 21st century.

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