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My Family, My Pride!!! Happy birthday Lady Ann

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3 months ago

Life would not have been easy without my beautiful family. Today is my daughter's birthday, and am here to beckon on everyone to celebrate it with me.

Before I start gushing over my princess, I just wanna introduce my family to you all.
First and foremost, am Julie Danielo. Am from Philippines.
I got married to my gorgeous husband in the year 2000 and we have been living happily together. We are four in numbers. And am here to talk about all of us. Let me start with my husband.

My Husband

My husband & I

My little son and i

My husband's name is Danielo Ernesto, He is a caring man and also a veterinary Doctor. I call him my first pride🥰 because he loves me so much.
We started dating while we were still teenagers, and we have been together for over 20 years now. I can recount the number of times we had a fight. Dan is just too caring, whenever I want to feel loved. I will act as though am sick and I will watch my hubby, pamper me all day.
We met in High school, He was brilliant and I needed someone to assist me in my assignments and also explain things the way I should understand to me. I was too shy to approach him for help. All I did everyday Was to wave at him, one day, he came to my seat, sat beside me and we were talking. Ever since that day, our bond grew. He requested I become his girlfriend on Proms night, which I couldn't say No. Till date have always been grateful I made the right choice.
Danny can cook, sing and he cracks funny jokes.

Second on my list is our cute son ; Foster Danielo.

Our Son : Foster Danielo

Baby Foster

He is a year old but has brought to us more joy than his age. He sleeps during the day and will be all night disturbing our peaceful sleep. Such an adorable baby. And my husband has never stopped helping me babysit him.
Foster is my pride, because He makes us happy. His smile is so cute.

Now to my beautiful daughter, the chief celebrant of today; permit me to welcome on stage; Anaesthesia Danielo.

Our Daughter : Anaesthesia Danielo.

Lady Ann

My beautiful baby

Baby you are a blessing sent from God to us, your birth wasn't a mistake and today Mark's another turning point in your life.
Her name is Anaesthesia but we call her baby Ann, though today we have changed it to lady Ann. She is in grade 4 and has never disappointed Us. She has the best result , you could ever think of.

She could be funny at times😂

One day she came home from school crying.
When I asked her what was the problem, she told me she was tired of getting awards and always being looked upon as a genius.
I smiled at my pride, I held her hands and whispered to her, you will always be a genius, you just have to accept who you are. My daughter nodded and told me thank you.
Few weeks later , she came home with an award as the best mathematics Student, this time around she wasn't sad. She looked at me boldly and told me " Mom, I want to be a genius always. I smiled at her.

Today she is 13 years old and she is still making me proud. I pray she gets all that her soul desires, she will always be a genius and she will continue to make us proud, not just I but Philippine as a whole. Lady Ann wants to be a doctor, just like the dad and judging from her composure and behaviour, I think she chose the right career path.
I am fully behind her anytime anyday.
Happy birthday Lady Ann. I wish you everything nice. I love you so much❤.

That is the end of my short story about my family being my pride.
I love them so much.
Happy birthday to my baby girl.🕺🕺

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Written by   3
3 months ago
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