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Second Cour of my poem collection

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6 months ago

Hey guys, this is the second part of my poems collections that I wrote in Hope you guys like it.

1. To exist

I have ached for my existence

I have etched for my reasons

Cold and dark and hollow

Every corner I go.

Perpetual, my suffering

Inconceivable, my desire

To belong I yearn

To not submit I fight.

Long is my march

Longer is my journey

To find the light

That will shine away my plight.

2. Liberte

I broke death

To you my tortured breath.

Now you must be the soul of death,

Let me go by the breath;

I am free,

I am freedom reincarnate.

I had the strife for liberty,

And liberty itself came to me.

3. Soul of the Sun

Though my bones creek

My heart holds a breath like a lily.

Soft is the thread of my desire.

My joy leaps like a breath of a tree.

Softly through my eyes,

I feel the ground,

Each breath of my breath leaps large and low

Each passion of mine burns like a sun

Makes a smile of a burning glow!


It's about a story of the burning passion that lies inside men even when we reach old age. The story of how only the body has grown weary and the mind. Not the spirit or nor the passion. How one stays young in heart even when one is old physically. At least this is what I imagine old people are inside from talking to them.

4. A Kiss! Nothing Much

A kiss of a thousand words,

On thirsty lips to the pulsing desire.

An infinite within the world, a wordless kiss.

A bliss of breath no other man shall know.

A memory so unforgettable

Makes a smile to the unknowing soul,

From one ear to another, an arching smile

Shine like the stars, a passion so bright.

A kiss of the lips made of cloud,

Makes men fight the gods with a fearless soul,

Makes men desire to topple the world,

To have just another kiss.


It is about passionate love. It's about romantic love. The love between two souls. The love between man and woman. A passionate kiss is the main theme. One that would make men want to conquer the world just to get another one.

5. Open Dreams

I dream of days

Where I run through the hills,

I run and run and run,

Without a care for the world.

I dream of days

When I can smile like a fool

And act like a bigger fool,

Without being regarded as one.

I dream of days

Where we can love the strangers.

Rich with a love that will not die

Will live in love forevermore.

I dream in dreams today

For that day has not come

Where I can dream

Beneath the weight of love.


Here, I try to imagine a world where we can live happy lives. Not without worries. But, just a peaceful world. Where even if we open ourselves up to people they don't take advantage of us. Where we can believe the stranger without a second thought and don't have to live in constant fear and paranoia. In the last stanza, I try to say no such world exists yet and that's why I can only dream of such beautiful worlds while sleeping. That is about it.

So, I think these are about all the poems I have written in I will make a compilation of my other poems when I write new ones. But, for now. This is it. Enjoy and give me advice on improving my poems.

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Written by   3
6 months ago
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