How I Started Drawing and My Journey

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2 years ago
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So, guys. I love drawing. This is a collection of some of my drawings. I draw a variety of things but mostly human or anthropological drawings are what I do most. They are mostly cartoonish and I am still at an amateur level even after the amount of time I have been drawing for. Partly because I don't draw seriously and have no formal teachings in this case. Also, because I mostly draw to pass the time and I draw to calm myself down. It is a very calming experience.

When did I start?

I started as a kid of age 7 or 8. Sitting near my room window, I spent a lot of time looking outside it and the trees that my eyes could see really motivated me to start. At first, I drew very amateurish trees then began drawing the fruits on them. Then the window and then my room and furniture. Then I started drawing dogs and cats . I watched cartoons a lot. So, I drew pokemon and dragon ball characters with their super saiyan hairs. (I didn't know at the time they were called anime.) I drew all kind of stuff. Up to grade 7 I kept drawing and drawing. I got very good at it that whenever anyone saw them they would tell me to pursue this as a career.

What happened next?

As much as I loved drawing, engineering was my wife. As I entered grade 7, I took the science courses and had a change of city and the pressure kept piling on and on. So, I stopped drawing all the way up to grade 12. When I had some free time after grade 12 I saw my old drawing and thought of drawing only to figure out that I couldn't draw anymore and they became very amateurish again. But, I started drawing again. Unfortunately, as I entered engineering school, even though I wanted to draw more that was out of the possibility. But, fortunately, I get to draw gears and nuts and cam profiles now. It's something XD. Now, whenever I get free time I try drawing something and my drawing have gotten somewhat better again.

What Next?

I would like to draw more. But, with how little time I have that seems like not a possibility. But, recently, I have learned about NFT. And it seems like a good way to earn some money through drawing. Now, I am trying to get on that road so I can focus a bit more on improving my skills.

Here are some of my drawing:

My take on a winter morning

The Dew Morning

Fox looking back on its parents in a grassy plain

Foxy in the Plain
The Imaginary Me
Classy Chupachup Girl

This is Myself with a guitar

Me with a guitar

I have more drawing in Deviantart:

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