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Put Yourself Out There

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3 months ago

A lot of people develop cold feet when they are required to do something new for the first time, doubts tend to creep in and they question their talent and capabilities to produce quality. This is absolutely normal for a large percentage of people who try to do something new for the first time in their lives, even the most confident and conceited people also self doubt every now and then.

I was moved to write this article when I stumbled on not one, but two articles on this platform, each doubting their writing capabilities and wondering if people would even bother to read whatever they write. I read these articles and I thought to myself, wow there is a lot of self-doubt going on here.
Like I said earlier, it is okay to doubt yourself every now but it is not okay to always doubt yourself and wallow in this pit of doubt, self-pity and self-sabotage, you have to snap out of it as quickly as it crept in.

Now if you are reading this and you feel like one of the people that made me write this article, I have a thing or two to share with you, maybe you'd see things differently afterwards.

The internet offers you anonymity, take advantage of it: While growing up as a teenage boy, I used to have this dread of talking to girls and asking them out not because they are gonna bite me or anything, but because of the fear of rejection and the embarrassment that would cause me because hey, everybody is gonna know that you were rejected by a certain girl and they are gonna talk about it non-stop. I am sure you understand how that feels and I am guessing this same dread is what people feel when they are doubting their abilities to do certain things.
Now imagine being able to put your thoughts and ideas out there, write about that thing you have been thinking about, no matter how boring or weird it might be without any physical, face-to-face backlash, wouldn't you go for it? You would right? Then what are you waiting for? The internet offers you one of a kind opportunity to spread your uniqueness far and wide without anybody really knowing you personally, grab it and take full advantage of it.

Your point of view is yours and is unique: Sometimes you might look at the top-rated articles on this platform and the many tips they have generated and you think to yourself; how am I ever gonna come up with something this good and you think because that article got some attention and some good engagement then it must have been really good. No, it didn't get that much traction because it was written exceptionally, but because the writer wrote his view and certain people related well to that view. Some of the highest-earning articles on this platform are on topics that are so abstract to me that I cant relate but there are people who can and those people are commenting, liking and tipping those articles.

As of the time of writing this article, there are 55,545 registered users on this platform and no matter how odd and boring your article is, at least two people out of this pool would be able to relate to your view and the content you produce, just write your own thoughts and views.

Welcome to the pool of budding writers: This platform and others such as it, offer everybody the same opportunity to write about absolutely everything and anything. I have read some personal stories here, I have even written some myself and every single time I peruse the articles here, what I look out for is what point the writer is trying to make and how they go about it and by this doing this, I am learning and making tweaks to my own way of writing.

I am not usually focused or concerned about grammatical errors because I assume every single person posting articles on this platform is still honing the craft of writing thus a few grammatical errors here and there is to be expected. And you know what else I am sure of? I am sure that not everybody writing in English are from English speaking countries or have English as their first language but they made the effort to put their thoughts down in English and put it out there. So when you are thinking of how your articles might come off because your grammar is not all that good, know that not everybody here is a native English speaker, so write your articles, make your mistakes, learn and grow.

The internet belongs to everybody and these crypto-based platforms have given us a chance to stake our claim and become part of a growing number of freelancer writers and entrepreneurs and the only thing that is capable of stopping you is you, put yourself out there.

Note: You can download Grammarly on your browser (phone & laptop) which would aid you on your writing journey.


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Written by   23
3 months ago
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