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How To Earn Crypto Without Buying

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4 months ago

Are you seeing what is happening? What has been happening since the turn of the new year? It seems everybody and his cat is talking about Bitcoin. There is some sort of sudden information eruption of the cryptocurrency and it has flooded everybody's consciousness.

It appears that 2021 is the year of Crypto because, since the turn of the year, nothing has dominated global news more than Crypto related news. This is such a mean feat, given we are still in a pandemic and the Covid-19 vaccine is finally out, but somehow BTC still trump's these news in the media.

Bitcoin ushered us into the new year with a new all-time high, couple of weeks later some countries were looking to adopt Bitcoin fully as legal tender, while some other countries who feel threatened by its rise decided to place bans and restrictions on it (India and Nigeria). A couple of weeks again later, we are talking about a new all-time high, we are talking about Bitcoin at $50k!! Who would have thought? That's Bitcoin doubling it's 2017 surge to all-time high in a matter of a month or so. This is beautiful.

I always catch a sad story or two on Twitter, people wishing they had gotten at least some fraction of BTC when it was below $20k, others whining and reminiscing about how they sold off too early before the breakout. Hahahaha...Crypto has surely gotten people's attention now, full-time.

Do you have a crypto portfolio? Of course you should, you wouldn't be reading this if you aren't already accumulating some for yourself being here, on this platform. Now, how much have you been able to accumulate and how many avenues have you explored and exhausted?
Many crypto traders take trading as a full-time job and rightly because it is such a complex endeavour and needs all the time you can give it, but who is to say you cant be a full-time crypto pacman too? I mean accumulating these tokens without having to actually buy them?

This article is inspired by @scottcbusiness He wrote an article about the potential of Cryptoblogging.

I am going to be talking about 4 different ways you could accumulate some token, some of which you may already be doing but I am going to talk about them all the same.

1.Writing & Chatting

When Crypto hadn't gone mainstream, reddit and discord were the go-to platforms for everything crypto. Filling out forms for airdrop back then most times required you have an account with either or both of them plus twitter because those platforms are where a lot of crypto awareness is generated and disseminated.

2020-2021 crypto boomed and everything changed, almost every good project quality team behind it now has it's own platform(Hive, Steem, Leo, LBRY) The landscape has changed, from regulated mainstream social media to Crypto-based platforms. For every discord, there is Leofinance, for every reddit, there is and for every twitter, there is

Decentralized Crypto based social media is the new norm and to keep everybody interested, there is a reward for participating. Every crypto based blogging platform wants to be the most talked about and grow their community as much as possible, every one of them out there is hoping to be the new reddit, the new discord, the go-to decentralized platform for everything cryptocurrency(or at least it's own coin) and you can get a piece of the action by providing quality content for any one of these platforms.
In my next article, I am going to be doing a proper break down of platforms where you can write and earn, how to navigate them and their policies on Plagiarism.

2. Podcasting & Video Channels
Yes, these platforms are so vast, so many that you can also accumulate as much if not more than writers by watching videos and uploading unique quality videos as well. Easy huh? There is a guy on Odyssey who uploads videos of guinea pigs in his farm and he earns LBRY tokens by doing so.
If you have a podcast or a youtube channel, you could also synch it to Odyssey and earn as people watch.

3. Referrals
Now this is the true definition of passive income because your earnings aren't as a result of your direct input. You earn a certain percentage when the people you have invited are rewarded for their content. has such referral system and you could actually build reasonable income through it. Some people make more BCH on through referrals than they do writing.

4. Airdrop
Airdrops is one of the ways you could accumulate tokens without spending money. Most times receiving airdrops from a particular project requires you to do some adverts and publicity for them and they pay you with some of their tokens. Some projects would only need you to download their apps, add their smart contract and then send a very small amount of ETH to a particular wallet and then they reward you with their token.
In 2017 I got some very tasty coins through airdrop. Waves, BCH(after the fork) Hydro and Dogecoin.
Right now as at the time of writing this article, there are some projects doing their airdrop tasks which would be circulated soon.

Whether writing, podcasting or you are into photography, there is platform for you and you can accumulate as many different tokens as your talent and drive can carry .

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Written by   23
4 months ago
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