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Clutter: Learn to Organize Your House

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5 months ago

There are somethings you outgrow, but you just can't place your finger on how it happened or how you did it.
I used to be a sentimental packrat, almost every piece of trash around me seems to hold some kind of value. lol
As I said, I don't know how it happened, but over time I realized, I started disliking clutter. I started appreciating my immediate environment with less litters and debris.

I understood what OCD meant later in life and realized my new found love for a clean environment had something to do with a mild psychological disorder I had developed (again, without knowing at the time).LOL. I am not weird at all.

Keeping things organized is a superpower, you don't agree? Try living with messy and unorganized people. Simplicity is truly life's rare beauty and it is such beauty that gives birth to organization.
Being organized comes so easy and effortlessly for some people (like me...winks)but to others, it could be such a drag. From making the bed to organizing their wardrobes and clearing their kitchens, it is such a task, no wonder House Cleaning is such a thriving business everywhere in the world, people are getting lazier as the day goes by.

It is ok if you have the finance to employ as many house-helps as you possibly want, after all, by doing so, you are creating job opportunities and helping the economy of your immediate community grow.
But what if you can't afford domestic help and you are such a messy person? There might be hope for you after all but that would involve putting your back into it. Do you think you can put in the work?

Messy people might be some of the most kind-hearted people on Earth but really, nobody wants to be roommates with someone who cannot clean up after themselves, it's annoying and infuriating.

Below are some of the ways you could go about keeping your life organized and I hope you put it into practice because really, you messy people are very upsetting and most times very unhygienic.

Early to bed, early to rise.
One thing I have noticed about messy and unorganized people is, their sleeping pattern is a mess, they sleep a lot when they are supposed to be awake and active and are awake and active when they are supposed to be sleeping and resting. They sleep all the time, they are awake all the time, they are lethargic, thus can't keep up with their own overlapping daily activities. Very annoying.
If you could try to get hold of your sleep routine, things would be a lot less complex and every other thing would be easy to put in place.

Have a to-do list
Before going to bed on the night of the previous day, prepare a list of the tasks you are supposed to complete the following day, this would help remove clutter in your day's schedule and help cancel out tasks one after the other. Unorganized people don't just suck in completing tasks in their daily lives and their immediate environment, they also suck at arranging these things first of all in their minds.
If the mind can conceive it then it can be achieved, but the problem with these people is, the mind really can't conceive it, so they need the to-do list to help put them in line.

Say no to Multitasking
Managing your energy and attention in order to carry out your daily tasks efficiently is important. To make sure you maximize your time and energy, it is best not to do more than one chore at the same time, until you have mastered the art.
Target and eliminate one task at a time, when one is done, move your attention to the next.
Sometimes, you find that you make more mess when trying to do everything all at once than the mess that was there originally.
This point is especially valuable, not only for unorganized people but people with short attention span. Maybe, unorganized people are so because they have a very short attention span, if so then we are still talking to the same people anyhow. LOL

Have a routine.
This looks like the same thing with a to-do list but it's not. To-do list is there to remind of the things you have to do that you are yet to do. Having a routine simply means patterning daily activities systematically to suit your life. For instance, my morning routine has nothing to do with my to-do list. I wake up in the morning, I make my bed first, then I tidy up my room, go to the kitchen and drink two glasses of water, idle about a bit while my system comes to life, then I head straight to the loo. After I had finished conducting my business in the loo, I brush my teeth and take a shower. This is more or less my morning routine, I have my evening routines too which includes working out and reading.
When you have a routine, everything happens like a clockwork, that sense of duty helps mitigates lousiness and helps you stay organized.

Big chores for weekends
Reserving the bulky chores for the weekend means there wouldn't be a clutter. You know who your enemy is and you know what needs to be done. This is better, as opposed to doing them during the week and possibly abandoning them because of having a lot of things on your schedule. It helps you save energy and focus during the week and then redirect them where they are most needed during the weekends.

Ultimately, it boils down to putting in a conscious effort to do things right. You might know all these things and still love and enjoy the chaos around you. Lol

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Written by   23
5 months ago
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