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The Quest For The Right Job

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7 months ago
Topics: Life

Can we really adapt to the world all the time and live a life of "quiet desperation" if we do not know who we are, and therefore what we would enjoy doing on the basis of our personality? In this post, we find out.

After working for just a few months in a job, several of my business school students left, some of the reasons they cite are mentioned below.

I felt bored!

I've been overworked!

That wasn't what I had been promised!

There's no good organization!

The profile didn't like me!

I wasn't able to do the job!

My boss hasn't been successful!

The society isn't perfect!

It's too poor a wage!

We usually join an organization for three reasons:

Job Profile (what we do in the business now and will do in the future),

Business Brand (which strengthens our personal branding and gives jobs continuity because the company is doing well)

Salary (which makes it possible for us to fulfill some of our needs).

"When beginning our career, we give" salary "the highest priority, then" brand "and last, the" work profile.

Most of the leaving reasons listed above are emotional and linked to what we are supposed to do (job profile). If we are inspired, we are capable of hard work. If the workplace has a future, we will stay inspired. When we're bored, we find something to do. When we want to stay, we will accommodate or treat our boss. If I like the job and there is potential growth, we will take a low salary (within reason) if I like it. Hard work is not, however, a replacement for loving our work. If we like our jobs, we hang around.

What produces satisfaction at work?

If I look at the explanations above, I also see problems of conflicts of personality. For instance,

If the work description does not suit my character

My personality does not suit the corporate culture.

I have a clash of personalities with my boss.

Compared to the standards of the company and my manager about what I am supposed to do, the disagreement is mostly about what I do. What I do is decided by what I am ... with respect to my personality.

In terms of our extrovertism or introvertism, the Myers-Briggs Test analyzes us, whether we use our 5 senses to obtain data or our intuition, whether we use reasoning or feelings and how much data we need to make choices. Certain occupations obviously require certain styles of personality.

I am an INFJ, for instance. Via definition:

Idealists are INFJs. They work hard, but they're adamant about their values and the kind of job they want to do. They are also unorthodox, nuanced, and warmly interested in individuals as well. They are informative, perfectionistic and principled. For such persons, traditional occupations are: teachers, counselors, musicians. In the population, they are the most rare type.

So, according to the study, I am good as a consultant in advisory roles and I am good. I can not do a good job if I am asked to execute a project within a defined deadline. Likewise, in a sales process, I can assist, but can not be made directly accountable. I may theorize, consider the concerns of others and provide guidance, mixing several possibilities and viewpoints. In such a career, I will be successful.

As the company profile is good or the compensation is good, a stakeholder can tell me to go into the Information Technology Field and run a software project. This does not mean that I'm going to do a decent job at it. I might be able to perform my duty theoretically, but that is what it will be: a duty, not a pleasure.

I'm not a chameleon either. I might be a good performer, but for a brief period of time, actors change identities, not 8-12 hours a day for the remainder of their lives. We can not, therefore, assume that we will act in a manner that is contradictory to our inherent personality. This is highly strenuous.

In short, if we don't know who we are, and thus what we would like to do on the basis of our personality Business Management Papers, can we really adapt to the world all the time and live a "quiet desperation" life?

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Written by   155
7 months ago
Topics: Life
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