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The concept of self-esteem mainly expresses an individual's view of himself, this view is either characterized by respect or a feeling of worthlessness; And that is according to what the individual develops about himself of ideas that change with the change of his life stages, and are also affected by positive or negative criticism from parents and teachers or those around in general in the pre-school age and even the secondary stage, and in later age periods, the greatest impact will be due to the pressure of the surrounding environment and peers And it will have an influence on personal decision-making, especially in adolescence

Increase self-esteem

Following are some tricks that could help a person achieve self-esteem or increase the already present :

  • Playing sports

Many studies have shown a relationship between exercise and increase the appreciation of self, as well as improving mental health, where says Debbie Mandel ( in English: Debbie Mandel), author of a book (Addicted to Stress), that sport helps to empower and promote physical health, mental, especially Weightlifting has also shown that proper nutrition and good and adequate sleep have positive effects on self-esteem. It is worth noting that exercise helps enhance the secretion of endorphins, which are the natural opioids in the body that increase a people feeling well, and help relieve From stress and tension.

  • Avoid negative thinking

A person should refrain from thinking negative or bad thoughts about himself, and make sure to remember the strengths and achievements that he has achieved, and repeat them every time he becomes frustrated or underestimates his value, in addition to trying to overlook his mistakes and try new things And practice volunteer work when a person feels that he is making a difference in society or the world, he will increase his self-esteem

  • Self-identification

The person should know what motivates him, what makes him sad, why he feels upset in a particular situation, and what his values ​​and beliefs are, this step may be stressful in its beginnings, but once the person knows an answer to all these questions, he will be able to understand his feelings Understand why he felt this way, and he will be able to get rid of negative thoughts.

  • Self-esteem tips

Many things can be considered to increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and respect for them, including:

  1. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

  2. Wearing suitable, clean clothes that make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

  3. Follow a healthy and balanced diet, and set meal times.

  4. Reducing stress and stress levels.

  5. Doing the things the person enjoys.

  6. Spending time with favorite people and friends, avoiding people and places that make him think badly about himself.

Importance of self-esteem

Self-esteem greatly affects the choices and decisions that can be made, as it is more like a motivating factor that encourages a person to take care of himself and explore all his abilities and skills, which leads to the continuous pursuit of achieving specific goals and personal ambitions, in addition to that self-esteem helps to Get rid of the feeling of hopelessness and failure.

  • Prevention of psychological and physical problems

People who have good self-esteem may have a reduced likelihood of depression, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, stress, and isolation, as well as have more good social relationships, whether they are love, friendships, or work relationships, and are less prone to the resulting psychological problems. About comparing oneself to others, thinking about perfection, persistent self-blame, inability to have new experiences, or fear of failure, as well as being less likely to drink alcohol and abuse drugs.

  • Boost self-confidence

A person may have a high degree of self-confidence without feeling self-esteem, as is the case for many celebrities who perform their work in front of the public with high confidence, but in the end, they die by suicide, for example, or resort to drug abuse, and in return, a person can have good self-esteem. , But low confidence in creativity in some area; Like mathematics, for example, or others.

  • Self-confidence

Despite this, self-love and self-esteem lead to an enhanced self-confidence in general. When a person becomes confident in himself, he will be more flexible in dealing with difficult situations that are exposed, and more able to deal with the challenges that result from things not going as planned without self-blame and blame, in addition to that he will accept his weaknesses without minimizing The value of himself, and he will also be able to know his strengths and use them as required, which leads to an increase in brilliance and success in life.


Ancient philosophy views the self as the will and the perception of good and bad. Eastern philosophers such as Buddha, Confucius, Ay ala describe the self as the individual's will to live and stay in life, and they link it with the conquest of pleasure without pain, meaning preventing the soul from desires, controlling the soul and not getting used to it On something, which leads to psychological and physical unity, and Indian philosophers agree in their definition of the self with Eastern philosophers, which is called Brahmanic philosophy.

Adolescent self-concept

The teenager who has developed a clear and positive perception of himself can define his goals without being affected by the various pressures that may hinder his career, and this creates a momentum in him to look to rise to levels higher than the level in which he is actually, and plans for his future wisely and consciously, while we find the teenager who has A confused concept of self that he cannot define and visualize clearly and is not reinforced internally, losing his identity, much confusion, intense excitement, loves isolation, and seeks to impose himself in his family, school, or society with stubbornness And imitating the characters that he sees in his view as great and successful personalities, regardless of the society’s view of him, or even the example he followed, so that there will be many clashes between him and his family, or with his peers, or his community, which generates problems for him on a daily basis, and is reflected on Societal reputation is described as barbaric, nervous, moody, and other negative, repulsive terms.

The healthy mental health of a teenager leads him to learn his weaknesses and strengths, and this is what makes him fill his weaknesses with understanding and wisely, taking advantage of his strengths that are considered as a constructive psychological balance for him, but if it is the opposite, and he is able to relax in front of his weaknesses, this will create worlds within him Distorted and incomplete, causing him to descend in his actions according to the severity of that weakness that inhabits him, and from here appear his emotions and moods that overpower the reality of his balanced nature, and he begins to tend towards isolation, and remaining shrinking in himself, far from any aspect of social life, and this stage is the most A risk in the life of a teenager, because if it worsens and becomes great, it will reflect on his general mental health even after the demise of this stage, and cause him a disease called social unity, which took a wide field of study, research by psychologists, and meeting to find out its direct impact on the adolescent in the stage of adolescence, And beyond.

The concept of adolescent self-esteem

A teenager's self-esteem is building the teenager's personality and valuing it, in light of the presence of many considerations surrounding him, which can be limited to psychological, societal, and environmental considerations that directly affect adolescents' behavior and push them to act positively and fruitfully, or vice versa in light of Adolescent psychological construction

Psychologists have considered that the teenager’s voice of the critic is the main criterion in the formation of his personality, and here we mean the critic’s voice: the inner voice formed from psychological accumulations, negative or positive, that came from the family, society, or the environment as a whole.

The self - esteem affects the character of the adolescent influential eloquent, the voice of the critic, we find it rises whenever loomed his positions for sure that he can not overcome, or deal with it, and this is all because of the accumulated negative inventory in his mind the subconscious, and the opposite is also true, so let negative experiences or positive affect personality The teenager is greatly affected, and makes his head in different paths, between equilibrium and confusion.

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Written by   153
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Self-esteem is really need of the time because we forget that we have our value::: your tips to build self-esteem are very unique and impressive! Your efforts are appreciated! Keep bringing such amazing content for us!

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