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Self Courage

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A person must learn to be brave by himself as and himself, and thus that his strength stems from himself, not when he is with a group of people or friends, and not to make them feel that the courage he possesses is the cause of it, for true courage is the courage inside him that makes him feel confident in himself and his strength without taking refuge Behind someone else.

Try again Not to be afraid of repeating the attempt over and over again, as all the great and brave people tried a lot and failed several times until they reached the way they are today, so they should be a role model in not worrying about repeating the attempt upon failure even if the matter costs dozens of times. Fear is a cause of failure Fear is often a major cause of failure, as not trying to allow oneself to try something, or not to overcome the fear by wading through it, will prevent the opportunity to know if an action will succeed or fail in a work experience.

Doing comforting things

Learn how to foster courage and overcome fears about something by gradually confronting it. For example: overcoming social fears of mixing with people and engaging with them, by starting to mix with them little by little, such as starting by asking one of the first about the way, then asking two people and engaging with them in a conversation and so on until that fear is completely overcome and success in controlling it.

Know your concerns and contain them

A person must acknowledge his fears to be able to get rid of them and talk about them because of the positive effect that brings comfort to the soul, just as the feeling that a person experiences when he represses something inside him and does not get rid of it except by revealing it to another person, taking an eye Consider the necessity of finding an internal solution to that fear and containing it by not thinking about it and feeling indifferent towards it; Because continuing to think about it will exhaust the soul.

Practice exercising courage

Courage is gained by practicing it continuously, and this is through approaching trying to do new things, or unique things, or treating fear, or facing big challenges, and a list should be prepared that includes things that reduce courage, and start to deal with them gradually, as can be likened Exercise courage by doing muscle exercises; The more courage is practiced, the greater the strength and confidence-building capacity to tackle bigger and bigger problems.

Overcoming circumstances and fears

Having courage does not mean that there are no compelling circumstances and problems for a person, it is natural to show courage with many issues related to lack of self-confidence and fear, and the decision to address these challenges does not mean that the individual’s doubts have completely disappeared, but the courage is the ability to face self-doubt And taking appropriate actions when facing problems, also courage can be gained through enhancing self-confidence.

Confidence increases the individual’s ability to deal with frightening things and increases the feeling of security. Confidence is built through acquiring knowledge, mastering skills, and acquiring Experiences. Knowing different facts also reduces fear. By making things appear less frightening, mastering the skills of public speaking or a job interview helps shift focus from fear. From failure to effective action, this means that the more confidence is gained, the more barriers to success are removed.

Observe your self-talk

The person should focus on how he talks to himself to gain courage, and that is by observing the achievements of others that he may think they have achieved with difficulty, although achieving them may be easy, the condition is to possess strength and courage; For example, facing a serious disease may be difficult and annoying, but if the individual himself talks about the reason that leads him to be in good condition, he will have the courage to treat this disease.

Integration with brave people

Courage can be gained by surrounding yourself with brave people; Merging with people who possess bold and courageous qualities and behaviors increases the individual's ability to possess such traits; These courageous individuals encourage others to realize dreams, and they reduce the feeling of suspicion in them. They understand courage, and they motivate others to achieve their dreams and pursue them.

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Written by   153
1 year ago
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