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It is a set of wrong practices whereby a certain group of people is treated in a tyrannical and different way and their rights are deprived and controlled by them as soon as they belong to a certain religion and another race.

Wars, so the oppressed group is exposed to the most extreme degrees of discrimination, marginalization, and tyranny only because of the difference in religion, race, even color, and other foundations that human beings have laid and adopted in the application of their racism, such as language, customs, beliefs, cultures, and social classes, through which the power and control of the rich over the impoverished poor class, Racism has other terms that share common meaning and significance, such as ethnicity and race.

From racist images

Racism in Europe is against the Jews.

The racism that the Israeli occupation practices against the Palestinian people, including the violence and building of the separation wall separating the Gaza Strip from the West Bank lands, in addition to cutting the communication link between Palestinian citizens and the rest of the cities.

Depriving the Palestinian citizen who possesses the Palestinian identity of the nationality of the country to which he was exiled against his will.

The persecution of black Africans from the slave trade and their transformation into enslavement only because they are of a different race and color.

Forms of racism

Following are the forms of racism :

  • Singles discrimination:

Practicing racism against a particular individual, and is to be deprived of his rights and the lack of equal treatment.

  • Institutional discrimination:

Racism here resides in social institutions that depend on discrimination between workers, so rights are given to one group at the expense of the other group, as they lack their rights.

  • Legal discrimination:

It includes labor rights and property rights, as it imposes unfair laws on one group and serves the interests of the other.

  • Representative racism:

Representative racism is a common image of racial discrimination in culture and the media, such as the tendency to portray people of color in movies as criminals or victims of crimes instead of portraying them as leading figures in television or cinema, in addition to racist caricatures known as Mascots. For Cleveland Indians, and Atlanta Braves.

  • Ideological racism :

This type of racism is manifested by the world's views, beliefs, and ways of thinking, which depend on ethnic prejudice and stereotypes. As a group that considers a group of people of a different color better than other groups, and an example of that is American society, as many Americans believe that white people are more intelligent than people with dark skin.

  • Rhetorical racism and interactive racism:

Rhetorical racism is expressed through verbal discourses, which include insults, hate speeches, and symbolic words that express racist meanings, as words that depend on racial differences are used, either explicitly or implicitly, while interactive racism is done By interacting with each other in daily life, such as the exposure of people of color to verbal or physical attacks because of their ethnicities, or dealing with them as potential threats, or they are low-level employees, which causes them emotional and physical harm, anxiety, and tension permanently.

Types of racial discrimination

The types of racism or discrimination are explained below :

  • Facial discrimination:

shows the image of racism by treating a certain individual in a way that is characterized by inferiority and favoring another person over him, and this treatment results from the difference of race.

  • Indirect discrimination:

It occurs as a result of imposing unfair conditions and laws that serve the interests of a particular group and harm the other.

  • Harassment:

It is done by showing the desire for someone not to exist, ignoring him, deliberately offending him in a certain way, blocking the road before hi,m and neglecting him, which makes him feel insulted, painful,l and stressed.

  • Grievance:

Racism is clear here when the person who suffers from discrimination in terms of dealing is exposed to his colleague standing as a witness or submitting a complaint in his favor.

Islam vs Racism

As peoples and individuals, we must fight the various types of racism prohibited by our true Islamic religion, which gives everyone his right without regard to religion, language, race and color and does not distinguish between a male and a female, and as our Great Messenger said, “People are equal as the teeth of a comb.” “There is no difference between an Arab or A foreigner but with piety, "and from the source of our Islamic belie,f we see the spirit of cooperation and extending a helping hand to all the weak, with different origins and favors, as religion is with God for treatment.

Racial Discrimination Act

The Racial Discrimination Law works to protect people from and eliminate racial discrimination in many areas of public life, the most prominent of which are:

  • Employment: It is done through getting a job, training, promotion, dismissal, and more.

  • Education: through enrollment in schools, colleges, universities, and others.

  • Accommodation: By giving them the right to rent or buy homes.

  • Obtaining services: such as banking, insurance, government services, transportation, communications, and others.

  • Access to public places: parks, restaurants, markets, hotels, etc.

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Written by   153
1 year ago
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Racism can be conscious and intentional, but also unconscious and hidden - in certain gestures or statements. The fight against racism is complex and must be waged constantly. This is a problem on a global level, and human consciousness must be influenced, in order to eradicate racism in those people who have such thinking.

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