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Photography is very common among people today. Digital photography has become available on mobile phones. This allows people to practice photography, as some may take photography as a hobby or a job, and want to improve it and reach the stage of professionalism because photography is a skill that needs to be aware of its principles and principles.

To obtain a perfect and high-quality picture, and each photographer has an artistic touch. Photography was used for the first time in 1830 AD, and the word photography has its origin in Greece, and it is derived from two words: photo; Which means light, and graphene; It means drawing, and the professional photography process is done using the camera so that the camera lens is exposed to the reflected light from the physical objects that are photographed, and the sensitive materials in the camera are exposed to changes, forming a mirror image inside the camera called (the negative image), which in turn becomes a visible and permanent image.

How to shoot professionally

Professional photography basics Learning how to deal with the camera and taking pictures is not a difficult task, as anyone interested in photography can enroll in a course to teach photography, or he can learn on his own, but the real photographer seeks to master photography. He considers photography as an art that includes making a picture, not just capturing it, and for a person to become proficient in photography, he must focus on 4 basics for capturing the image, so that when perceiving and knowing how to deal with it, these are given a beautiful art painting, and these basics are:

∆. Subject:

Choosing a topic that inspires the photographer is one of the most essential elements of a distinctive image. Capture the moments that stimulate the photographer, make him choose the correct timing for taking the photo, and focus on the important element in the scene. To show his subject matter, the professional photographer should spend at least an hour photographing his subject. To get the most powerful image, and he must approach his subject, and be in harmony with him; So that he can take the photo with a high degree of awareness and feeling.

∆. Composition:

The photographer must be aware of the complete composition of the scene he wants to capture. The attainment of unity and balance in the shapes, colors, and structure of the scene is necessary. To get a nice picture.

∆. Light:

Light is the main focus of any image. External photography depends on ambient light, while indoor photography depends on artificial lighting. Therefore, photographers must know the amount of light necessary to display the image most beautifully and to determine the type of light that serves the image, as the light may be low, moderate, strong, or warm, so if the photographer wants to capture a scene in nature, then choosing the time when The light is attractive, such as the time of sunrise or the time of its sunset, it gives it lightly that highlights bright colors, contrast, and other things.

∆. Exposure:

This is one of the technical basics that the photographer must know, and it means the amount of light that falls on the camera sensor; The aperture of the camera lens, its closing speed, and the sensitivity of the sensor to light must be controlled. A professional photographer knows how much light he wants to capture, and adjusts his camera accordingly.

Professional photo capture techniques

After knowing the basics that the photographer should be familiar with, he must learn the techniques that help him make his image more professional and distinctive, it is not enough for him to prepare his camera, the surroundings, the appropriate lighting, and the subject he seeks to capture, but he must learn how to capture the image artistically And with certain techniques, and among these techniques:

  • Central point:

Every professional image contains a central point that attracts the eye of the beholder to it, and this point is the most important element in the image, and it prevents the eyes of the recipient from being lost in the picture frame without having a point to focus on, and this point is not required to be in the middle of the image. The photographer can make it on the sides, and it can be highlighted, by making it out of the overall image balance, and to take a focused image, the photographer needs a camera with a longer lens; To be able to get close to the details, and thus focus on them.

  • Framing:

The professional photographer does not depend on the frame of the camera to frame his image, but his artistic eye searches for an element in the scene that acts as a frame for the painting and is part of the spirit of the subject. The frame in the foreground gives it a deeper dimension, by choosing a tree branch, a column, a window frame, or others, and the frame is usually very clear and is the best, and it may be blurry.

  • The rule of thirds:

Most beginners place the most important element in the image in the middle, but choosing the location of the element using the rule of thirds gives the image a dynamic balance, and the rule of third depends on dividing the scene into two horizontal lines, and two vertical lines, forming a grid, with their intersecting points or two vertical lines. Then the photographer chooses one of these points to put the most important element in it.

  • Perspective:

The photographer can use the lines in the scene. To create a three-dimensional view, such as exploiting close railroad lines, and removing the main view; to give the image a third dimension, and the lines may end with an important element, such as a beautiful archaeological building.

  • Show scale:

A professional photographer takes advantage of the contrast in the parameters of the image elements and manipulates them. He may need to show the wide area of ​​the fields, and make sure to show a person standing in the scene to appear small about the field. As the image may not show the true size of some things, the photographer puts a reference with a known size. To show the true size of the scene.

  • Colors:

Each color has a feeling that it delivers to the recipient, and each color has its visual weight that affects the image. Therefore, a professional photographer must find a balance in the colors that his photo includes. To give it depth, and balance.

Professional photography tips

The photographer is not satisfied with knowing the principles that make him take the first step in the path of professionalism, he is looking for advice from professional photographers who arrived after the effort and long experience of professional photography, and the following is a set of important advice:

Understand the techniques of photography, but the photographer should not adhere to them, but rather, he must create his perspective on the art of photography. Reaching professionalism takes time and effort, so the photographer does not expect to obtain a professional image from the first experience, but rather he must take a lot of pictures, experiment with angles, situations, lighting, and various subjects for photography.

The need to see the photos of the professionals, just as the photographer can be affected by them, and benefit from them, but he must beware of copying them.

Not to resort to photo editing programs, such as Photoshop, but the image must be properly captured from the camera, without the need to modify it.

Searching for a source of inspiration, by examining different forms of art, such as drawings, films, costumes, books, the Internet, and exploring peoples' cultures around the world.

Taking pictures continuously during the day as drafts, even if using a mobile phone; This is to understand the nature of light, and the formation of shapes, and to focus more on the elements that did not attract his attention before.

Show photos to people who care about the photographer's interest; get advice from them and communicate with someone who is professionally photographed; rate the level of pictures and get advice from it.

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