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Fate and destiny

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The judiciary in the language of the verb spent, a precision and perfection and the emptiness of the thing, and the judiciary in terminology is an estimate of God Almighty beings, based on the above in his knowledge, and his will, and wisdom, but much in the language it is to take parts of things, and in the terminology is aware of God's things and write them before their existence, and therefore, both the judiciary and the destiny come in the same sense, the whole interpreted to the appreciation and judgment and perfection, and is a faith element to the extent of the six pillars of faith that came in an interview with Islam, faith and charity, Prophet, said prayers and peace: (beliefs as much as the whole Good and bad).

The evidence came from the Holy Qur’an, the Sunnah, the Prophet, consensus, reason and common sense that belief in fatalism and destiny is essential, and that whoever denies it has left Islam, and what is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an words of God Almighty: (who, when afflicted with calamity say Allah and to Him, we return * to them those prayers from their Lord and mercy and those are the rightly guided), and the ummah is unanimously agreed on the necessity of the extent of faith in good and evil, and that things are all God, and the instinct guide did not Belief in judgment and destiny is only denied to polytheists among the nations, and the defect was not in the same judgment and destiny.

Rather, in his understanding, God Almighty said: (Those who joined, if God wanted, would say that he did not share with us nor our fathers), just as the people in the previous era proved judgment and fate and did not deny it. The creator, mastermind, and owner of this universe and he proves that his existence was by chance.

How to believe in destiny

Belief in the Decree has pillars or ranks that it can only perform, and it is the entrance that leads to belief in it, just as they must all be fulfilled to complete belief in it, and whoever detracts from one or more of them will fall into the defect in his faith, and in the following is a detailed explanation of these pillars and levels:

Science; And he means that God Almighty is in everything, in whole and detail, small and large, and knows what was, what will be and what was not if it was how it will be, and this knowledge is eternal, and he knew the things of his creation before he created them from their livelihoods, destinies, their deeds and everything related to them, he said.

God Almighty: (He is God, who has no god but He who knows the unseen and the testimony).

Writing; It is the belief that God has written the encompasses of all creation from eternity in the Preserved Tablet, God Almighty said: (And what is excluded from your Lord is the weight of an atom in the earth or the sky or is not less than that, and no greater than that.

Appreciation on the two fists; Including the age estimate that contains what is written on the slave of misery and happiness from the beginning of his life to the end of his life, and the annual estimate that occurs on the Night of Power every year, God Almighty said: (in it every wise matter is separated), and the daily estimate as well.

Creation; It follows from this level the belief that God is the Creator of everything, and that everything in the universe was created by God and became present after it was non-existent, as well as he who created the actions of the servants.

Fruits of faith in destiny

Belief in judgment and destiny has many benefits and fruits. Some of these benefits are explained below:

  • The reassurance of the heart ;

The Muslim while delivering his affairs to God calm himself, and reassure his heart, does not recognize all that affects the same harm, and up to what God said the Almighty: (so as not to worry about what you missed and rejoice including whatsoever, do not rejoice not to panic, though He was afflicted by the calamity of patience, and if joy befalls him, thank, and all of that is good for him.

  • Not to despair :

As the recognition of destiny and decree does not take place until after a person exerts hiss effort to reach well, so the Muslim seeks the help of God in all his affairs, and then what God wills for him is good.

  • Get certainty in the heart;

When recognized that all fall ill will not fall, but the will of God Almighty, and it is also narrated from Ibn Abba, may Allah be pleased with them, that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: (and I know that if the nation gathers together to benefit you with something, did not benefit you only with something God has written it for you, and if they assemble to harm you with something, they will only harm you with something that God has written on you. You raise the pens, and the newspapers dried.

  • Introduction of reasons;

Belief in Fate is not a reason for lethargy, laziness, and inaction on the pretext that God Almighty has decreed and wrote everything, for God - may God Almighty - in his earlier knowledge linked the results to the causes that lead to them, so trust in God does not contradict the adoption of the causes, and the Messenger of God - may God bless him - was And salam - he wears a shield in war, dug a trench in the battle of the trench, taking the reasons, and ordered treatment when sickness and caution against approaching him, and this is evident when he told Omar about the issue of the plague, so he said: Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah said: Too avoid the destiny of God? Umar: If someone else had said it, O Abu Ubaidah? Yes, we will turn away from the destiny of God to the destiny of G . )

Output the human potentials; When a person believed in destiny, he would construct the earth and achieve God's caliphate in it, so he began to conquer the country, spread the Islamic religion in it, achieve justice, get acquainted with the good things of God in the country and exploit these good things with everything useful and beneficial.

The status of faith in fate and destiny

  • The status of creation:

The Muslim person believes that God Almighty created everything in this vast universe, including the actions of all creatures.

  • The status of the will and the will:

The Muslim person believes that all the things that happen in the universe are taking place and happen with the will of God Almighty, and nothing can go outside the will of God, so what he wills are, and what he does not want will not be.

  • The status of writing:

The Muslim person believes that God Almighty wrote to all creatures their destinies before they were created in a preserved tablet.

  • The status of knowledge:

It is the Muslim person's belief in God Almighty who knows all the matters of life, so he does not leave his knowledge small or large, neither in the heavens nor on the earth, and that the Almighty knew all his creatures before he created them and knew what they did in the past and what they will do in the future.

The importance of belief in destiny in religion

Documenting the relationship between man and his Creator, whereby man is bound to God Almighty, and he entrusts all matters of his life to God.

The reassurance of the believer’s heart that everything that happens in the universe has its judgment from God.

Teaching man that everything that befalls him is predestined by God, the Exalted, the Majestic.

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Written by   153
1 year ago
Topics: Work, Culture, Nature, Society, Philosophy, ...
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