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Academic Excellence

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Every student certainly dreams of success and excellence in studying and obtaining the highest marks to achieve his dreams and the goal he seeks, and every mother and father always desire to be proud of their children and seeing them succeed in their studies and to accompany successful and distinguished people in their lives.

Some dream of becoming a doctor and there are He wants to be an engineer, and there are also those who want to be a teacher, no matter how different students' desires are from each other, every person seeks to achieve a certain goal and succeeds in that, and when he finishes his studies, he works in the field he loves, he will excel in his work and become a person of importance in society.

Academic excellence is not an easy thing, nor is it an impossible thing, but every goal requires effort and every person who desires to succeed and excel must strive, strive, and exhaust to achieve excellence, and science and study are the light of the human mind, so the more you learn, the more mature your mind becomes, so science is light as we know. For all of us, science is a large and endless sea, and no matter what you read and learn, you will feel that you are ignorant of a lot and that there is more to learn and read, and there are students who suffer from some difficulties in achieving academic excellence, and they do not know how to reach their goal, but with persistence and determination you can achieve anything you desire.

Tips to achieve academic excellence

There are many tips to help you achieve the academic excellence you desire. One of the most important of these tips to excel in your studies is mental preparation for the exams.

Tips for making you prepare your psyche for

  • Organizing time and dividing your day so that you devote time to study, time to eat, and another time to sleep and rest.

  • The more organized you are in your life, the more you can succeed easily

  • Do not despair and give up when you face difficulties in studying, but review your lessons more than once and if you cannot understand your lessons, resort to one of your relatives or friends to discuss your lessons with you and make them easier for you to understand.

  • Do not neglect your food so that you do not feel tired and cannot focus, but make sure to eat well, especially fruits, vegetables, and natural juices, as they stimulate you, make you focus more, and remain energetic.

  • It is preferable to set a schedule to divide your lessons throughout the day and week and review them first so that the lessons do not accumulate on you and you cannot review them before the exams and you feel pressure and inability and focus in completing the review of the book.

  • Set a goal before your eyes and try hard to achieve it.

  • When you have a dream and an ambition that you want to reach, you overcome all the barriers and difficulties that you face to achieve your goal.

  • Be confident in yourself and your scientific abilities, and do not feel weak or frustrated if you encounter problems in studying, but try several times until you succeed in solving scientific problems and correctly understand them.

  • You can also ask for help from your teacher or one of your relatives to help you understand what you do not know the solution.

  • If you are tired of studying on your own, you can resort to studying with your friends and exchange scientific information with each other, and this increases your activity and your enthusiasm for study.

  • Stay away from the market comrades so that they do not drag you with them to the path of failure and make you feel despair, frustration, and hate to study, and you will imitate them without proceeding and you cannot achieve your dream and your goals.

Additional tips for academic excellence

Studies have proven that success is not achieved by spending long hours studying, but by daily follow-up of academic subjects, and by following the best methods and methods that have proven effective in studying. The following are the most important of those methods and methods:

  • Focus and reduce distractions

The study is prepared with a concentration of smart methods to achieve greater achievement in the least possible time, as it is more effective than spending a long time studying without focusing, and by this means focusing effort on studying only, and avoiding multiple tasks and distractions while attending class lessons or reviewing lessons; Like using a mobile phone, a student who does his homework while browsing social media spends twice as much time in his studies and his concentration is low and dispersed, and his achievement is little compared to the number of hours he spent studying, while his achievement will be greater and his studies more successful and effective unless dispersed in other matters. Obtaining information directly during classroom lessons, focusing with the teacher, taking important notes in easy-to-understand words, in addition to effective listening, are among the means that shorten the time required for studying and reviewing, given that the student’s ability to comprehend increases when it coincides with listening.

  • Take notes by heart

Taking notes during the study process helps to increase the student’s understanding, especially when he writes down what he has read of the material in his own words and style, as the transcription becomes more effective by reading the material to be studied in short pants, and stopping continuously to take notes and summarize them based on what the student remembers without reference For the book, and thus the student avoids copying the information without understanding it or remembering it, and this contributes to increasing his understanding of the material, and is also a way to measure the extent of his understanding of the material.

  • Teaching and explaining the material

Studies have shown that the student remembers the subject more when studying it for someone else. This is because regular study requires the student to understand the information he is studying, while the teaching process requires his understanding of the material and its organization to be able to explain it in a correct way to others, and thus the student will make a greater effort to understand the material in a way that qualifies him to explain it and to search for methods that help him to remember and organize the information when he needs it, and thus he will become able Much of the academic material.

  • Choose where to study

The inappropriate study location affects the student’s concentration. For example, studying in the bedroom is distracting due to the presence of many distractions in it. Therefore, choosing the right place is essential for effective study and maintaining focus. Such as the library, the classroom, or any other quiet place, avoiding crowded places, and all that the student needs must be provided in the place of his studies. Like papers, pens, notebooks, etc.; This is to avoid wasting study time and distracting it in searching for the necessary tools and coming and going to bring them.

  • Organize tasks

The organization of academic assignments achieves greater success in the study, and this is done by setting a study plan at the beginning of each semester and week, so that this plan includes the times specified for all the activities that the student will undertake during the day in a balanced, unstressed schedule, arranged according to the priority of the tasks; Such as attending classes, doing homework, and others, and it is advisable to place the most difficult tasks at the beginning of the schedule to make the greatest effort in them, and it is preferable to use a suitable paper or electronic calendar to organize the study tasks in it, to facilitate the process of tracking tasks and commitment to them.

  • Constantly reviewing the syllabus

Neglecting a student to review his course materials for at least two weeks leads to him forgetting about 80% of what he learned. Therefore, he should not postpone reviewing what he studied for the first time and studying it after a short period, because an early and continuous review of the study materials brings many benefits to the student.

Such as avoiding forgetfulness, and consolidating information in the memory for a longer time, in addition to reducing stress during the exam period

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Written by   153
1 year ago
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