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Popular Online Side-Hustles From Scratch: Week #3 — First Sale

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1 month ago

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Week #3

One of the most exciting news for this week is that I have made the first sale on RedBubble. As I am starting everything from scratch, learning and focusing on many things at once I didn’t expect my first sale just yet.

The main focus of the week was the faceless Youtube and I succeeded in making another video. Which is longer and I think better than the one I made last week, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I also managed to improve my editing skills a bit and learn a lot of new things.


Total: $0.61


Print-on-demand: $0.61

This week: $0.61


Print-on-demand: $0.61


  • Series started — April 21, 2022

  • First photos accepted to Shutterstock — April 26, 2022

  • First video published on Youtube — May 5, 2022

  • First sale on RedBubble — May 10, 2022

Progress update

I feel like I am finally settling into all of this and getting ready to make some real progress. I think that I now have a good grasp of the basics for these side-hustles and a solid foundation to build on.

Choosing one side-hustle as the main focus of the week also works better than trying to tackle everything at once.

Affiliate Marketing

I didn’t manage to get an answer from Clickbank. But I found another affiliate program that I will be focusing on for now. I am talking about Digistore24.

The difficult part with affiliate marketing for me is that I am not a pushy person. And I don’t like to sell just anything. But I have decided that I need to start with something. Test the waters and grow from there.

I watched this Youtube video, which suggests a strategy of reposting copyright-free articles on and Quora. I will try to improve on the strategy by adding Pinterest to the equation. And maybe even some faceless youtube videos.

I haven’t found a product I love yet. But I’ve found some I won’t regret bad for trying to sell. So next week I will be trying these strategies with the products I found.

I will put my main focus on Affiliate marketing next week.

Faceless Youtube Channel

My focus of the week was the faceless Youtube channel. I turned another one of my Medium articles into a Youtube video.

In last week's episode, I explained that I am using text-to-speech software from Amazon. Named Amazon Polly. The free version allows generating speech for up to 1 million characters a month. But I forgot to mention that I also used music from Youtube’s own free library as the background audio for the video.

You can find Youtube’s copyright-free music library here. I turned the volume for this track down to -30db so that it doesn’t interfere with the voice.

This week I also used screen recording software. I used the first one I found on Google called CamStudio. It got the job done but I might look for better alternatives for future use.

I used Pexels for free high-definition videos together with my screen recordings as the footage. And edited it all on a 2017 version of Adobe Premiere Pro I had access to.

For the titles, I used presets that I found on Premiere Pro essential graphics tab. And I animated opacity for the titles and the footage during the transitions to make it look smoother. I also used the free version of Canva and a photo from Pexels to design the thumbnail. Here is the result for this week:

The video is longer and in my opinion better than the one I made last week. Let me know what you think and where could I improve.

While I was doing research one of my favorite YouTubers Jake Tran uploaded a great video on his journey on Youtube. Check it out! Although his channel isn’t completely faceless, most of his videos are faceless video essays that use footage from different movies and TV shows. It’s possible to use this footage thanks to Fair Use.

Stock Photography/Video (with my iPhone)

I must admit that I slacked on this one for the week, but I still made some new photos which I will upload sometime soon. The week of Stock Photography will also come.

I tried uploading several of my videos to Shutterstock but so far only one got accepted.


Thanks to Redbubble and one of my readers 

Mae Ghalwash

 we have broken away from the $0 earnings mark. I got my first sale and earned my first 0.66$

Screenshot by Author

For the future weeks, I will need to look more into alternatives for the free version of Canva. As well as be more mindful about getting my designs noticed on RedBubble.

This week I went with what worked so far for me and uploaded some more of my photos as designs to RedBubble.

Goals For The Week

Overall goals:

Keep going, speed up the process. Focus on getting things done. And continue the learning.

Affiliate marketing:

  • The focus of the week

  • More research

  • Apply the strategies I found

  • Keep looking for better products to market

Stock Photography:

  • Keep taking photos whenever I can


  • Look for alternatives to Canva

  • 5 more designs

Faceless Youtube Channel

  • Create an Intro for the channel

  • Create and upload another video

  • Improve the quality of the next video

Closing Thoughts

I am learning so much. And excited to see where this leads over time. Not expecting quick results. I am ready to fail, learn, and fail again. And hopefully, succeed in the end.

In Future updates:

  • A transparent look at my progress

  • I will share what I have learned

  • I will share other valuable sources of information

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Written by   32
1 month ago
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