Awesome New Feature From Midjourney — Seamless Tiles

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And some potential use cases

created by HungryMinded

If you haven’t heard of Midjourney it is an AI-powered tool that lets you create astounding images from text prompts. Here’s an article to get you started with Midjourney:

How to Get Started With Midjourney AI — Create Astonishing AI Art Now

Just recently a new feature that opens up a huge potential for new use cases got added to Midjourney AI. It lets you create designs that you can seamlessly stitch together to create an infinite pattern.

Here’s how it looks:

A single tile image

Created by HungryMinded using Midjourney AI

2. A seamless pattern

Created by HungryMinded
The fun part is you can still input just about anything and Midjourney will come up with a tileable result.

How to do it

It’s super simple! Just go on to Midjourney. And type up your text prompt as you would normally. And add -- tile after your prompt.

Pro tip: If you are going to create a lot of designs in this mode you can use the /prefer suffix command so you don’t have to type -- tile after each prompt. It works with other settings like aspect ratio too.

Here’s an example of /prefer suffix a command I used to create the design above and tons of others that have the same settings.

Screenshot by HungryMinded

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Test the result

To be able to see how the pattern would look when stitched together you can use this website:

Repeating Pattern Tester * Bardot Brush

Potential use cases

This new feature brings the potential for use cases to a whole new level. Here are just some things that immediately come to my mind.

1.Textures for videogames
2.Textures for 3d models
3.Floating backgrounds for websites, etc
4.Different kinds of prints. I tried these immediately as designs for my RedBubble store. Here’s how it looks on products:

Floral pattern Essential T-Shirt by HungryMinded

Mushies Backpack

Here is a video that provides some great ideas for other possible print outlets

And these are just the potential use cases that immediately popped into my mind. I am sure there are a ton of other creative ways to use this.

If you are interested in MidJourney and its use-cases you might want to check out some articles from the list below:

The power of MidJourney AI

Stay curious and stay HungryMinded!

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5 months ago


Never heard of AI images let alone AI texturing software, seems to be a promising product with some of the samples you shared.

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5 months ago

It's pretty incredible! I've been fascinated by the capabilities ever since I started playing with it.

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5 months ago