One day we are gonna marry with someone's Ex

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3 years ago

To live in this world we always need love other than our family love so we are looking for someone who care us and who love us. Many of us fall in love in early days of life, we make crush and some of us get their love and some of us fail to get them.

Some people don't desire to have lover but it's a common thing that opposite gender attracts us and some special person touches to our heart whom we wanna spend our whole life.

I have seen in many cases that they cut off and it ended up due to some family issues. Most times couple face family issues and they can't continue their love anymore.

Only 1% are the luckiest who get their love for whole life and then they regret on their decision that why I married with that person 🤣🤣🤣

Rest of all marry with the Ex of others 🤣 We make so many promises to our lover, we talk about future, we plan the things and in the end we loss them at some stage.

What do you think?? Are you gonna marry with someone Ex??

As your Ex is gonna marry with someone else 😉

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