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Burning in your memories

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2 years ago

Wanna talk you but you don't,

Miss know how much,

Why not you come back I beg,

You left me on some mistake,

I wanna hug you but impossible,

Daily waiting for your arrival,

I find you to hold your hand,

I say sorry, am gonna bend,

Won't think about anyone,

You are just my only one,

I text you and wait for reply,

You don't response but why?

How long will you take?

Yours sincere never distract,

Burning in your memories,

Come and throw away my grieves,

If pillow could have spoken,

You must be aware with my condition,

Ask how I spend without you,

My pillow is witness my love is true.

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Which type of mistake she leave you alone brother 🙄🙄🙄... Nice write up bro.

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2 years ago

Thank you, today I first upload my article on read cash then I will post it on uptrennd 🤣

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2 years ago