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Success & Failure

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5 months ago

Everybody desires success in life but few attain it. One of the principal reasons for this failure is that many people dare not take risks. Life is not a bed of roses. It is full of troubles and difficulties.

They have to be overcome if we are to succeed in life. So we should face them with courage. We may fail at first and suffer in consequence. But that should not make us give up in despair.

We should instead regard the initial failures and sufferings as the price of ultimate success. We must think of the daring of the discoverers and explorers of lands and the sufferings they had to bear before success came to them.

Where would we have got pearls from if divers had not ventured into the dangers under the sea? A general who is afraid of taking risks can never win any victory. Similarly, a person who dares not take risks cannot achieve success in the struggle of life. But we must not be rash or hasty.

We should think well about the possibilities before we venture upon a thing. hasty action is like taking a leap in the dark that generally ends in disaster.

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