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A speech community is similar to other kinds of communities. The people who make up the community share a common language. Often they live side by side as they do in a neighborhood, a village, or a city. More often they form a whole country. 🇧🇩

Many nations are composed of a single major speech community, for example Italy, Sweden and Japan.

National boundaries however, are not always the same as the boundaries of a speech community. Some nations, for example, Russia and India are made up of many speech communities. Some speech communities, for example.

Bangla, Arabic, Spanish, and English, extend across national boundaries. A speech community, then, is any group of people who speak the same language no matter where they happen to live.

We may so, say that anyone who speaks English belongs to the English speech community. For convenience, we may classify the speakers into two groups; one in which the speakers use English as their native language the other in which the speakers learn English as a second language for the purpose of education, commerce and so on.

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