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Digital World

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Facebook is a social networking website intended to connect friends, family and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites, with the runner up being My space. It began as a college networking website and has expended to include anyone and everyone. Facebook was founded in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and originally called the facebook. Facebook users create a profile page that shows their friends and networks information about themselves. The choice to include a profile in a network means that everyone within that network can view the profile. The profile typically includes the following information. Status, Friends and Friends in Other Network, Photos, Notes, Groups, and The Wall. Users are able to search for friends and acquaintances by e-mail address, school, university, or just by typing in a name or location for search.

When people become friends, they are able to see all for each others' profiles including contact information. E-mail notification let users know when new friends have chosen to add them to their list or when someone has sent a massage to them within the system. A popular feature on Facebook is the ability to share photographs uploaded from a phone, camera, or hard drive. As with other private information, users have the option to allow only friends to see their pictures or anyone. There is an unlimited amount of storage available, which is a major advantage of Facebook's photograph sharing capabilities.

E-mail Vs Telex

E-mail means electronic mail. This system is faster than any other communication system. On the other hand, telex is a primitive communication system which takes longer time and more money. As a result, everyone of this age prefers "E-Mail" to Telex. But there are some problems to use E-mail in a developing country. E-mail used through a computer.

In a developing country, there are a few people who can buy a computer, let alone the necessary accessories to use "E-Mail". In some cases, government provides fund but that is not enough. The another problem is that a very few people know the technical know-how of computer. Unfortunately, most of the literate persons of our country are not very good it English. If a developing country could overcome the problems, every person, using " Telex" would start using "E-Mail".



Internet is a computer based network of information. In functions smoothly, easily and rapidly. A man can dial a number from his computer and a link to the internet will soon give him a connection in and outside the country according to his expectation. It is practically a network of all networks. The business communities, economists, teachers, students, politicians and other professionals are now seeking necessary help and information through internet.

Businessmen can learn the business trend and price of commodities of other countries. Economists can learn the economic trend of the world. Students can go through several books from the libraries without going there. They can seek information regarding admission to different foreign universities. But it is a matter of sorrow that many people of Bangladesh don't have still access to internet. It is still costly and not easily available in our country.


Satellite TV

Satellite TV channels are the channels that telecast programmers of varied interest with the help of a satellite. These channels have become accessible to use help of dish antenna that receives programmes from the satellite. Popularity o satellite television is ever on the increase, though they are not unmixed blessing. Some satellite channels are very beneficial. The National Geography Channel and the Discovery Channel telecast highly informative and educative programmes. Some channels like BBC and the CNN provide us world news round the clock. Some channels provide pure entertainment with songs, dances and music.

Some channels particularly the cartoon channels are favourite to the children. However, there are many channels that may cause cultural decay and moral degradation. Channels like Star Movies, Star World, Fashion TV etc often show obscene film, violence. These may have very bad effects on the minds of the teenagers. If we want to foster and enrich our culture we have to restrict the access of such channels and introduce those channels that are helpful for upholding our won identity and culture.


Thank you very much to all for reading my article. The article i wrote about the digital world. I wrote this article about Facebook, G-Mail, Telex, Internet, Satellite TV. All of the above rhymes are also wrong to imagine the digital world. All the photos in this article are collected from Google and I wrote this article with my won creative talent. I hope you enjoy my article.

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Written by   37
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the most things that is used in this world 🌎 💔 is digital

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