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A Full-Fledged College

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7 months ago

College is the place where we get admitted after finishing secondary school. In other words, all the classes of all these levels of higher secondary or degree or hon's have to be studied in the college I am an hon's student. I am now in the 2nd year of Hon's. My Hon's subject is Mathematics. I will discuss my college with you. Hope you enjoy. I have collected all the photos from this post from Google. If there is any mistake, you will look at it with forgiveness. And I hope you will read my post carefully. And those who have not yet been admitted to college but will be admitted in the future, I hope they will read my post carefully. Because in the future you will also be admitted to college. And those who have finished college life will also enjoy this post of mine. Although you will feel a little bad. Because you are missing this college life a lot now. I realize that. As I realize I am my school life.

My First Day At College

I can still remember the first day of my college life. It was such an important and memorable day that I always remember it with joy. Before going to college, I was a bit afraid whether the strident and teachers of the college would be friendly or not. Through there were six scheduled classes, only three classes were held on that day. I attended all the three classes. All of them were interesting. I was very much impressed at the excellent delivery and presentations of the teachers. The teachers were so good that whatever they taught us in the class, I still remember them in the college canteen. The atmosphere of the college impressed me very much. Everybody was helpful and co-operative. I liked the friendly behaviour of the students and teachers. The things that I liked best about the college were liberty, the participatory teaching method adopted by teachers, the big play ground,. the small pond and the botanical garden with plants and trees.

A College Common Room

A college common room is a place of attraction and recreation for the students of a college. Students come here to spend their leisure time during their off periods. There are arrangements for indoor games, such as table-tennis, chess, karom, ludu, cards etc in a college common room. In some common rooms, we find daily newspaper, weeklies, radio and televisions for the recreation of the students. In big colleges, the common room is very well-furnished and well decorated. The college common room is a source of recreation to the college students. It helps the students to refresh both their mind their mind and body. A college common room is a part and parcel of a college. It plays an important role in removing the monotony of the students. It also keeps a college fresh, live and cheerful. So, every college must have a well decorated common room.

A College Library

A library is a part and parcel of every educational institution. The library which is meant for the college students only is called a college library. The knowledge contained in the prescribed courses has to be complemented and supplemented by studying books and journals provided by a library. Our college library which is housed on the first floor of the Arts Building, is very rich. It contains about fifteen thousand titles covering the disciplines of arts, science and commerce. Besides, there is a large number of journals and magazines of international repute. These are procured in order to keep the students and teachers abreast of the latest research findings in the different fields of knowledge. There are two spacious reading room on the first floor. A pin-drop silence conducive to study prevails there. Students and teachers come to the library to study when they have no class. The library is well-managed by an experiences librarian and his helping staff. It remains open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all working days. We are proud of our college libeary.

A College Magazine

A college magazine is a kind of magazine which contains writings of the teachers and the students. It reflects the quality of both the teachers and the students. It helps to justify the knowledge acquired by the students of a college. A college magazine is the mouthpiece of academic development of a college. It voices the ideas and achievements of both the teachers and the students of a college. A college magazine actually plays a vital role to ventilate the knowledge and ideas of the students. The students feel encouraged when they find their writings in print. It greatly serves as inspiration for writing. A college magazine is published by an editorial board with a chief editor as an initiator. The editorial board collects writings for the teachers and the students and selects the writings. Then they take initiative to publish it with the help of a printing press. The college magazine bears a great academic value. It gives inspiration to the students to be writers in future.

A College Canteen

The necessity of a college canteen is to serve food and drink to the students, teachers and other employees. Its importance is really great. We are lucky that we have a very good canteen at our college which is houshed in a separate building adjacent to the students common room. There is a committee to look after the canteen. We can get refreshment here. We need not go out for out tiffin. The food items that are supplied in the canteen are singara, pastry, tea and other cold drinks. Students generally rush to the canteen during the tiffin hour. Most of the students come to the canteen for refreshments, some students also gather here for gossiping and political discussion. The canteen opens daily with the beginning of the normal works of the college and closes in the evening. In a canteen there are chairs and tables. A college canteen is indeed very useful for students.

Duties Of A Student

A student has to perform many duties. But the first and foremost duty of a student is to study. Besides this, every student should do some social work for the development of the country. He/She should have some qualities will attract other to follow him/her. He/She must be disciplined and well behaved. He/She should be respectful to his/her superiors. He/She must be upright and truthful in his/her activities. A student should try to develop his/her moral character. He/She should perform some social work to develop the society he/she lives in. A student can play an important role to remove illiteracy, to wipe out insanitation and remove superstitions and social evils. We may call a student an ideal student when he/she possesses the above qualities. He/She should also develop the habit of helping others. He/She must not be selfish. A selfish man is harmful for society. It is the duty of a student to learn how to do good to others.

Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you will enjoy it. And missing your college life. I also miss my college.

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Written by   37
7 months ago
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