The Importance Of Sleep

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3 years ago

When I was young, I have this misconception that sleep is only for the weak. Or you can sleep as much as you want when you’re dead. Or it’s a badge of honor to work so hard that I don’t sleep for 2 days. And I was wrong.

When I spent some time learning about the Science, I realize what a dumbass I had been when I was young. A lack of sleep can bring early death and other health problems to you. And the Russians knew this. That’s why during the invasion of Crimea, one of their strategy was dropping bomb throughout the hours not to kill, but to deprive the Ukraine soldiers of sleep. It’s also the reason why Navalny was woken up by guards once every hour to deprive him of sleep. Lack of sleep is torture and science backs this up.

When you lack sleep, not only do you have increased risk of health problems, but you also have poor cognitive functions, poor memory, and you start making poor quality decisions. And that’s exactly the kind of stuff you do not want. Do not torture yourself with sleep deprivation because you only have 1 mind and 1 body. And you really want to be extremely protective of something when you only have 1 of that which will be with you for the rest of your life.

Here is Jeff Bezos explaining why sleep is important to him.

And I would also recommend people to watch this video by the sleep scientist, Matt.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Being productive is more important than working more hours.

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Do not deprive ourself from sleeping. Energy is back once we have enough sleep

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3 years ago

Thanks for the reminder and the good links.

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3 years ago