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Love For Me

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6 months ago

Love have different meaning to each of us. We understand love in different way. Some people shared how they understand love. And now, I'm going to share how I understand it.

For me, Love is the most powerful in this world.

Love is our power. Love can change us, for better or for worst.

Because of love, we feel happiness and sadness. We got fear, but we overcome fear because of it too.

Before, I thought love is only for couples, but I proved myself wrong. Because love is for everything in this world. For family, friends, to your special someone, to nature, to your pets, to your passion and more.

For me, love is the only one that can unite all of us.

My opinion only(^_^)

Godbless us all. Stay safe💖

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Written by   43
6 months ago
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Nice Article

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5 months ago