How a murder case was solved even when all hope has been lost.

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In 2013, detective Amy of Los Angeles Police Department told her colleagues she was tired of investigating the kíller of Jenny Bigelow, whose bloated déad body was found inside a shallow grave.

Amy resolved to implementing an idea rather than interrogating the suspect who was Jenny’s husband, Carson Bigelow. Nothing had shown he múrdered her.

Although, people conjectured him as the kíller, they weren’t sure.

However, some months before Jenny was found déad, she alleged him of infidelity and filed for a divorce. And consequently, she would have a portion of his assets.

Carson wasn’t pleased with that, he didn’t want to let go of a bit of his properties. Hence, kílling Jenny? Probably, but her body wasn’t found anywhere near their residence.

Notwithstanding, Jenny’s remain was buried, but her ghost lurked around.

Funny how, the ghost began to haunt Curtis. He would just hear footsteps behind him at night when he resumed from workplace. If he looked around, he would only see nothing.

In the house, his belongings would be misplaced or missing. He would wake up to see the sitting room in a state of disarray some mornings.

He couldn’t comprehend what was going on. It never dawn on him that Jenny’s ghost was lurking around until one very night.

He was brewing coffee when his cellphone rang, he went to answer the call—his attorney was coming to visit.

On Carson’s return to the kitchen, he saw a human figure utterly dressed in a bloodstained white gown, her long hair ran her shoulders—that was a ghostly appearance. She was facing the other side, sipping coffee—haha, a ghost sipping coffee!?!?

The ghostly trepidation apprehended Carson to the spot he was. Abruptly, the ghost turned to him. Her menacing gaze at him sent chill down his spine. He couldn’t utter a word, just trembling.

She started at him slowly, he tried to run but the fear stagnated his feet.

As she moved closer to him, his attorney came in. He saw the ghost, but surprisingly he wasn’t gripped by fear.

He smirked and said. “Mister Carson, your wife is stubborn, her ghost still lurks around. Don’t worry, I will kíll you over and over again. This is not my first time”

Carson was rather utterly astonished. “You’ll what!?. You mean you kílled Jenny in the first place... Why?”

“Yeah, I did... And besides, I’m gonna kíll you as well now. And your properties will be mine” he laughed disgustingly, then he brought his pístol. Apparently he was a sérial killer.

As, he tried to pull the trigger, a bullet hit his leg, and he collapsed. He twirled on the floor, and groaned in excruciating pains.

The most intriguing part of it was that he was shot by the ghost.

The what?

How the heck did a ghost shoot? Carson thought he was dreaming, but no.

But, she wasn’t a ghost. What was she, then?

The ghost removed hair, it was just a wig. She put off the white gown and said.

“It is not easy acting like a ghost. I do get scared at times”

Carson screamed, and said. “Detective Amy!”

It was detective Amy who was made up in ghostly appearance to haunt Carsonz plausibly he would confess to the ghost and be arrested. But it turned out that his attorney was the culprit. No wonder the ghost sipped some coffee.

The LA cops arrived and took the attorney away.

That is a bizarre way to unearth a culprit.

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It is very strange that you kill someone and do not get caught. The world will face the truth one day, whether it is at that time or some time later. To save a lie, we have to lie and lie. There was a similar incident with us when someone killed my cousin or we were very upset. The killer played on the moon for three years on his own. But the decision of the court is one day, so we have been holding it for three years

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2 years ago