Thumping Rhythm

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2 years ago

"Tak tak tak takatak takatak."

You will hear the thumping rhythm which fills the air. A sound that seemed to represent the past.

It is not the hobnailed boots of the Spanish Conquerors nor the sound coming from the running heavy animals.

As it drew closer, the sound becomes familiar, and it keeps on resonating in my mind.

I have a clue now. It is a horse-drawn vehicle that possess unique qualities. Yes, it was the sound of the calesa roaming around as it plied its route along the streets of Heritage Village in our one of a kind town - Vigan City.

As a Bigueño, I can say that calesa is one of the cultural treasures in the place, which has been anchored in the history of the place.

It was revived by our City Officials because calesa, indeed, possess historic character and it is also useful. And also, part of its revival is the city government's effort to attract and draw the attention of tourists to the city. It is one way to remind the Bigueños of their heritage.

The calesa became popular during the Spanish regime and served as a mode of transportation in Vigan up to the middle of the 1960s.

The calesa has become a symbol of Vigan City. And what is more beautiful with it is that it never fails to attract tourists and even our own "balikbayans".

Whenever you pass by Burgos Street or Heritage Village, you can see tourists with cameras focused on the calesa.

Tourists and travelers hire calesas in visiting the beautiful and historical sites of the city. For them riding in this carriage would mean taking a 'breather'. Of course, one of the highlights in the May festival is the magical calesa parade, which brings smiles to the people on the street.

These carriages become a rainbow of colors, designs and styles. We cannot forget the calesa floats of the muses and escorts adorned with flowers and other decorations on fiestas, school celebrations and community occasions. The calesa is a thing from the past, but a vital part of our present world.

So, if you are planning to visit Vugan City soon, give it a try! Riding in a calesa is not only fun, you can feel netter the vibes in the City.

That is all for now for this post!

By the way, do you know the song Kalesa? Actually, I forgot already the lyrics, but the sound is still fresh in my mind.

Luckily, I found it online. I got the lyrics from Filipino Folk Songs. Credits belongs to them.

Kalesa Lyrics - Philippine Folk Songs

Kalesa'y may pang-akit na taglay

Maginhawa't di maalinsangan

Nakahahalina kung pagmasdan

Kalesa ay pambayang sasakyan

Kabayo ay di natin problema

Pulot at damo lang ay tama na

Matulin din sa kalsada

Tumatakbong maginhawa

Wala pang gasolina

Repeat all

Kalesa ay panghatid tuwina

Nung panahon nina maria clara

Mga bayani nitong bayan

Sa kalesa'y dinuduyan

Kalesa'y nakaaaliw

Lalo na pag gumagabi

At kung kasama ko ang aking giliw

Mangangalesa na rin kami

(Repeat first and second paragraphs)

Matulin din sa kalsada

Tumatakbong maginhawa

Wala pang gasolina.

If you want to hear it, here is a video from Youtube.

Thanks for reading my article!

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