What to Do When Bitcoin Falls by 25%? Sell ​​or HOLD

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Playing for example cryptocurrency has increased rates or I apologize for dictating the decline and rate of the correct recession that comes to the right people who go crazy afraid that traditional systems in a Ponzi scheme are fall right on all of these conditions point towards commodities like gold silver and Bitcoin where happened the best valuation of this person property will explode correctly all these conditions point towards cryptocurrency to do well but recently we had a 25% correction

So how do you deal with it now I can talk about it for a fact Noah's fans but why because at one point 95% of all the money I own and believe it or not it is the most money that i have in my life not been cryptocurrency for about two and a half years right so i faced it my full financial well-being now i pretty much people can't do it unless you know what you are doing it is stupid me to do that and I lost more because of it but you know once you have 30% maybe you have a big lump of money

That you have not invested in anything and you know that is bothering you well I have dealt with it for many years guys I know I am talking about waking up at 4am to check the market to see if it is gone I 5% of my money or see if I earn right every single sleepless day trying to get you to know the market arbitrage by buying Bitcoin on this exchange and trying to sell higher on another replace all these little things with proper sleep loss over it because of how much money I have in the market and maybe you feel that maybe you buy some

Bitcoin at $ 10,000 drops to 8,000 and you lose money and you feel oh I will just sell it and get out but let me show you people from a different perspective on how to think about this situation now all of you if you follow my videos you know what the average dollar cost is if you do not understand your research what the average dollar cost is because it will allow you to double your efforts if so you think down if you think you are manipulating markets I am Olivia manipulating you

In your emotions you probably have a lot of respect for money as much as a percentage of your whole life you know saving for example in cryptocurrency there is too much way because if you feel its effects if you watch it every day. a problem there unless you are a trader right you should not look at the cryptocurrency market every single day unless you are a trader or you me and you make youtube videos and you kind of guide the people who ought to lang. looking at the basics of

Cryptocurrency is the most important what a major well a major example is and it happened like two years ago a major country that banned Bitcoin right China banned Bitcoin which they literally said no one could buy or sell it in their country right that a major change you should be afraid of when that happens and trust me you do not have to look at the news to know that it happened correctly that someone will tell you that it will pop up somewhere or the money you will know that you will lose a lot of money you will not know so

Another major now it has not happened in the history of cryptocurrency but let's say for example Bitcoin is hacked not an exchange like mal Cox if you do not know where mount gox's it is like one of the first cryptocurrency one of the first big crypto currency exchange of someone hacked mound locks I will not point any fingers because there is a guy like this blaming it now he has to go to court and all but he hacked the exchange he does not have Bitcoin okay now a major change will be if Bitcoin is hacked

Bitcoin itself now if that happens I will tell you now I will sell all why because one of the biggest reasons I like Bitcoin is because it is fun there is no way to change the fact it will last it will literally cost more these computers cost them more then the accumulated value of a whole whole Bitcoin market to hack Bitcoin so in theory there is no way to hack that point it happened that it ever made blockchain technology so ' t why blockchain technology is so useful because you can really rely on it

Instead of a third party resource for example to handle any safer make your information is in bitcoins case your money your value in money you can handle it securely without anyone taking say let's torture you and take the your private keys or unless you are getting mountains of money and your cryptocurrency is on an exchange now I pointed out to you that I told you in previous videos not to leave your cryptocurrency in an exchange put it in a private wall and I'm sure you heard me say that a thousand times get your own private keys if you do not own your own private keys that you do not own

Your own cryptocurrency but that is a major change right so if a country bans Bitcoin it will not kill Bitcoin but it is quite basic all right like damn the United States only BAM Bitcoin that is a pretty damaging right a lot of people in the United States like Bitcoin and if you ban it they will think badly about it which is really basically right what I am trying to think of another example of a major change you know Bitcoin that hacked correctly or maybe I did not know that Satoshi Nakamoto came out so you can meet Hitler or some

you know like if you do not know what Satoshi Nakamoto he really is the creator of Bitcoin and no one knows who he is right many people claim that he is mint Satoshi Nakamoto just for any reason that causes publicity but know you unless he can show his signature or the private key and when he starts a Bitcoin you can not really prove so if a man comes out with satoshi motto proof and happens to be a negative figure or any right that can be foundation hard imagine major change because

Introduction cryptocurrency it cryptographic guys cryptographic this is a new form of technology people have not really experimented with now and from what everyone has seen with you people who know about programming and the technical people who right you can not hack it can not change quickly cryptographic algorithms are important that way correctly so not many major changes now there is a theory that artificial intelligence not artificial turf regrets quantum totals of computers if you do not know what is

The Quantum computer is basically a computer that does not use them and the O computers are based on binary systems which means that one and the O's are turned on and off or dark and dark hit by many binary in the world these computers are based on the same thing but now we enter the world as a whole like very microscopic world we find that things are not really binary right there is such an example difficult to explain it I do not dive here cuz I do not you know astrophysicists or anything but quantum physics usually says that if there is

An atom here is the chances that the atom is also somewhere else so in the third dimension if you really go microscopic there are many such tests that prove that people think that if a computer can run not only binary systems but volume can run a whole computer you know three dimensions or even unlimited dimensions correctly if that is the world it can be very fast and you will not need a very powerful computer worth more than accumulated amount of Bitcoin - hacking you can only use a quantum computer on

Hack Bitcoin now there are a lot of coins out there fighting throughout and that is why not my whole I mean most of my money is in Bitcoin but many of you know I have other investments and I can predict that in this situation a lot of investment goes to the volume of resistant coins right one of them is an OS now I do not know if 200% proven because we do not have a computer sum we have people making small computations of not sum not a whole computer really like going hard but you already know where my money is going to invest people

In cryptocurrency for long haul what is the existence of cryptocurrency I am ready to lose 110 percent and that is what you should think about it right so when you think these emotions right because that is the basis of this video to understand that it's all like he should have said right there a book i read that kind of put me here it called trust me i lied called i trust online i think the title is right and usually the person this is a marketer that he is right a marketer that he sells that he works for

Millions of dollars companies forever he talks about the current stage of internet marketing and you understand that many of them are BS that these people are just trying to get your attention so if you call yourself and these articles every day if you expect yourself and the small 20% losses played by stupid money then you will get caught up in these emotions that will confuse you so do not try to think short - Term unless you are an entrepreneur think long term make your decision and stick

In this will be a man of your word if you put the money for the right reasons a 20% loss should you just want to double down I bought some more Bitcoin and dropped okay buying opportunity right don't back to your word is correct because that will weaken you in the long run correctly because of Bitcoin it is if you drop 20% but then increase you know the parabolic glitch it always does and it reaches 30 40k and you can have too much Money you will be more angry that you just lost 20% right stupid money so 99% of traders

The defeat is because they stopped not thinking long enough now Warren Buffett does not like crypto I would not say he does but he thinks long-term plays are the most realistic do not think mind those these big swings are right the best way to look at cryptocurrency is the largest oil towel market in the world work right and you are trying to know you and you are trying to beat others if you probably have two years experience and I know just that you make it up maybe you have more experience but I say.

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