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What is nexo coin?

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What is Nexo Coin (NEXO)?

Nexo is a real-time lending platform (meaning loans can be processed immediately after receiving collateral) for cryptocurrencies built on the company’s blockchain technology. Credissimo, is a leading consumer lending company founded in 2007 in Europe.

When borrowing money from Nexo, the borrower’s identity platform is completely confidential, and the borrower can recover 100% of the property ownership when the loan is repaid and the loan is quickly received as needed. . Nexo accepts all types of collateral in the digital market, including digital currencies such as ETH, BTC, Altcoins or valuable items, items in virtual reality games.

Nexø is the main cryptocurrency in Nexo, is used for many purposes on the platform such as to use to pay monthly interest on loans, or to borrow for consumer loans on the platform, and when to use Nexø the borrower will receive a lower interest rate along with a higher limit than other coins on the platform.

Nexo new real ICO Not long ago, it also listed exchanges as well as appeared on Coinmarketcap, after which, Nexo got the top 100 largest capitalized coins on CoinMarketCap.

Nexo features and features

Nexo targets addressing the financial shortage for the new digital economy. At that point, Nexo relies on more than 10 years of experience from established company Credissimo, which can be considered a market leader in some European countries. The main functions of the Nexo platform include:

Unlock the value for your digital currency

Maintain the potential for asset growth when you need a certain amount of money without having to sell the assets.

Enjoy quick and convenient access to debt consolidation

Based on secure blockchain technology

Using Nexo is very simple: You can access the value of your digital assets simply by placing your money in Wallet Overdraft (a wallet loan in the Nexo system). Once your money is in that wallet, you can receive an instant overdraft in fiat currencies (such as EUR or USD) or cryptocurrencies. In addition, Nexo will provide a consumer card to its customers, Nexo card has the following features: The card is free to use with flexible lending cards; There are many payment options; Support cryptocurrency and payments in local currencies; There are no monthly fees, annual fees and hidden fees

Nexo of history and map development

In the first quarter of 1:

February: First Airdrop Campaign

March: ICO / Pre-sale launch completed

In the second quarter of 2:

April: Completion of official ICO sale and NEXO exchange listing

June: Support EURO currency on loans

July: Launch of Nexo Credit Card

Quarter 3 of 2018:

Add Altcoin / Asset Identification Support to lend limits

Support for JPY

Automatic KYC and AML process

Launch the Nexo mobile wallet

Launch affiliate referral programs

Quarter 4 of 2018: Increased maximum debt limit, 2nd Airdrop Campaign

Quarter 1/2019: Completion of acquisition of FDIC operating banks; Introduce the deposit account to the public

Quarter 2/2019: Launches API toolkit for businesses, launches installation and continues to raise debt limit

Neo's development team

The Nexo team is teamed up with many experts from many different fields. Here are the main members of the project:

Kosta Kantchev: Kosta is co-founder of Credissimo and visionary directly responsible for the 10-year success story of the leading European FinTech Group Credissimo. As the first to use bitcoin, he quickly realized the potential of blockchain technology, which prompted him to develop Credissimo one of the first systems to allow 100% repayment of loans related to cryptocurrency. as worldwide.

Georgi Shulev: Georgi has worked in many banks, he has extensive experience in areas such as M&A and Financial Analysis in organizations such as Unicredit Bank Austria, Lehman Brothers, European Investment Bank. He is responsible for overseeing business development and international expansion at Credissimo.

Antoni Trenchev: Antoni has been a crypto enthusiast since 2011. As a member of Parliament and a firm believer in the development of blockchain technology, he has actively promoted and enacted legislation for solutions. blockchain in many e-government services. He was involved in the development of the e-commerce platform and the Innovation Director at Credissimo.

Vasil Petrov: Vasil is an early blockchain strategy. He has over 16 years of experience in system administration, back-end development. His achievements so far have resulted in the co-founding and Chief Technology Officer of a company providing, distributing video and other multimedia services to more than 150 000 customers.

In addition, there are many other members, you can follow on the project home page below.

Exchange rate of the current virtual NEXO Coin

NEXO cryptocurrency listed in Coin Market Cap From May 2, 5 there was an initial price of US $ 2018. At the time of writing this blog virtual currency is 0.19 / 10/5, the price of NEXO digital currency is 0.41 USD.

Time NEXO cryptocurrency with a total capital of more than US $ 231 million and 24 hour trading volume of US $ 6.7 million. The number of coins issued was NEXO, and the number of coins discarded was 560.000.010 NEXO. You can see The exchange rate of NEXO Coins is updated in real time to track their price movements.

Buying and selling NEXO coins where exchanged?

Right now, you can trade Nexø coins In many 3 world exchanges including: DDEX, EtherDelta (ForkDelta) and Stocks.Exchange through NEXO / BTC, NEXO / ETH pairs.

Where to store NEXO tokens?

Right now Nexø is a standard ERC20 token, so e-wallets used to store them must support ERC20 standard and currently commonly used wallets are MyEtherWallet, safes, Ledger Nano S, ImToken straw Metamask.

If you are a regular trader, you can archive Nexø coins directly into electronic exchange wallets. If you are a long-term investor and do not require frequent transactions, you should use the specific wallets we have suggested for you above.

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