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The future of IOTA coins

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The future of IOTA coins

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In the IOTA Business Model, IOTA is used for the purpose of Utility Coin.

Here I further emphasize the goal of the project to make IOTA a protocol to reach consensus on the status of network problems.

IOTA is an important piece to complete the Machine Economy. To enable real Internet of Things through Machine Economy.

So when is the purchase of the IOTA copper increase purchase?

Basic information about IOTA copper (MIOTA)

Ticker: IOTA

Contract: None. MIOTA was created on a separate platform.

Blockchain: Tangle (a variant of Blockchain)

Token Type: Utility

Total Supply: 2,779,530,283 IOTA

Delivering Distribution: 2,779,530,283 IOTA

IOTA Allocation Token

All 2,779,530,238 IOTAs were created simultaneously so there was no Token distribution like other projects.

The ICO project to raise capital took place on November 24, 11 - December 2015, 20, only about 12% of the number of ICOs were sold.

As I said in previous sections, the project has not yet launched a specific application or product, everything is still in the process of completion.

You can follow an example of how to use IOTA in the future after the dev team confirms it.

Example: In the future, when everything is powered by machines, IOTA will be used to pay for the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Suppose you want to collect temperature or weather data from a sensor network sent by one person or a group of people, you have to pay to get that information and that information will be sent through your connected device.

However, in order to collect payments to siblings, they need the IOTA network to support connecting devices together and of course, IOTA must be used for payment.

According to the latest statistics, the number of connected devices is estimated at 75 billion by 2025. From small road sensors to wearable devices, mobile phones and more Moreover, the world is increasingly connected.

In 2016, the speed of IP traffic was 1.2 zettabytes per year. Accordingly, IP traffic will increase 5 times by 2021, i.e., monthly flow of about 31 gigabytes / person. That will result in clogged data pipes, stunning devices affecting the Machine Economy.

But, in a free transaction solution, devices can share the resource of this technology together in a distributed network and avoid resource bottlenecks. Thus technology companies and developers will receive IOTA benefits over the Internet of Things network.

Combined with the fact that all coins are born today, this leads to the possibility of inflation = 0 and leads to an increase in demand for IOTA. Since then, increasing the number of IOTAs will have a significant impact on its price.

However, this is quite far in the future. We look forward to something new in this project next time.

Should IOTA invest?

Some keypoints I have mentioned so you can learn more and make your own investment decisions:


Project roadmap not updated. However, the regular dev team regularly informs the development of collaboration products and projects that are still in the process of research and development.

You can visit the link below to view details of research activities as well as products in the project testing process:


The project has its own mainnet and runs on an independent Tangle platform.


After nearly 4 years of launch, the project has partnered with many large corporations in various fields. Typically, OutMore Ventures - one of the leading Blockchain investment groups in Europe invests and assists IOTA in accessing the Internet of Things.

In the future, the project will work with Microsoft and Samsung to develop the BigData market with Tangle technology, which aims to take another step towards the backbone of the Internet of Things.

In the future, IOTA will be used to pay for products in the Internet of Things ecosystem.

IOTA is the Utility coin.

By the end of this article, I hope you will have more useful information about IOTA (MIOTA) before making investment decisions.

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Written by   132
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