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"Migraine" is just an ordinary illness or should be a concern?

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Do you have frequent and severe headaches? Oops! Probably, that migraine! What is migraine? We often hear this from our acquaintances or even our housemates. We know this word means worse than ordinary headache. But we should have more knowledge about this disease. This is to avoid having it. Or, if you have this condition, we should find out more information about it to find out what is the appropriate migraine medication that should and should be taken safely.

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There is so much to know and break down information about migraine. Why does an individual get this disease? What triggers it? How can this be prevented, and how can it be treated? Lots of questions ?! By discovering the causes or causes, symptoms and drugs, all such questions can be answered. ‘First things first,’ he said. So most importantly, find out what a migraine is.

Migraine: Is it just an ordinary illness or should it be a concern?

The word migraine is a form of illness that is almost ordinary to Filipinos. It can cause severe headaches as if you are riding a horse, and it is often felt in only half of the head. Often, migraine is accompanied by dizziness and vomiting, and excessive sensitivity to the sounds heard around, and light wherever it comes from.

The onset of migraine headaches can lead to severe headaches that last for several hours or sometimes even days. Severe pain can really interfere with a person's daily activities. Migraine can be exacerbated when the sufferer moves and continues his or her activities. A migraine heals quickly if the person who has it just rests while the illness strikes.


Although the word migraine is often heard, it is important to know that it is just an unusual headache. The person who has it has a strange feeling. Here are some of the symptoms experienced when having a migraine:

Severe headache that starts with a simple pain and can be felt on the nape or back of the part or on the side of the head.

Excessive stomach pain that causes vomiting

Loss of appetite for any food


Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally

Tired quickly

Blurred vision

Extremely sensitive to noise, light or odor

Recommended migraine medications

Many over-the-counter migraine medications can greatly help prevent or stop chronic symptoms and prevent recurrence. In this regard, there are medications that are specifically designed as specific migraine medications. Some of these are done to treat other ailments, in addition to helping to prevent or alleviate migraine.

In this article, you will find migraine medications that are classified and divided into two groups: anti-disease drugs or abortive treatments, and migraine medications to prevent. Abortive treatment is a drug that is taken while migraine is currently present. It is recommended to drink to stop these, or any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Medication for one prevention is taken daily to reduce the progression or frequency of migraine seizures. You probably know what kind of migraine you have. And since you know this, you definitely already know which of the two mentioned you are going to drink. It should be noted that migraine medication depends on the severity and headache, the effect of migraine on daily activities or whatever medical codition a person has.

If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, you should remember that you cannot take medication lightly. There are also other medications that cannot be given to children. Only a doctor can tell you what is the right medication for migraine for pregnant or breastfeeding people like you.

Other migraine medications that are effective and safe

Often, it is very easy to treat a headache, whatever it is. Whether it is migraine, tension, or sinus, its treatment is simple. Here are some natural remedies for migraine:

Drinking a glass of water

Taking pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamal

Take a nap for a few minutes

How can you prevent migraine?

If you have never had a migraine, after reading this article, you definitely do not want to have this disease anymore. Or, if you have ever been attacked by such a disease, you definitely do not want to do it again. Worry no more! After all, there are ways to prevent (again) migraine attacks. If you already have a migraine, avoid so-called migraine triggers. The following are some tips to avoid triggers:

Regular eating - the absence of any main meal during the day triggers migraine.

Reduce your coffee intake - when you have too much caffeine, migraine headaches can occur.

Balance and regular exercise - even though daily exercise is good for the body, it can also trigger migraines.

Get proper sleep and get enough time - when you change your sleeping pattern, it can cause migraines. Even excessive fatigue and lack of sleep can also cause (re-attack) of severe headaches.

Here are some simple ways to prevent migraines:

Make sure there is time set aside for relaxation.

Avoid getting too thirsty to avoid dehydration.

As much as possible, do not go to hot places.

Avoid (or preferably stop) excessive alcohol consumption.

Do not smoke because it is one of the most triggering migraine headaches.

Make sure the foods you eat are right and balanced.

Reduce time watching TV and using gadgets

Massage to relax

If you feel that the pain you are experiencing is strange, see a doctor for the right treatment. Make sure migraine is really the pain before taking medication. Having a healthy lifestyle in the ways mentioned above is a great help to avoid not only migraine but also other ailments.

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Written by   138
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