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How to get best sleep for pregnancy

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Why is it important for pregnant women to sleep on the left side?

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Experts advise sleeping on the left side of a pregnant woman because of the benefits it can get and the complications it can prevent.

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According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 78% of pregnant women experience difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. It is also accompanied by a feeling of extreme fatigue, back pain, prolonged urination and other symptoms that afflict a pregnant woman. The alleged cause of this is the wrong position in sleeping and sitting pregnant. What exactly should a pregnant woman sit on?

Proper sitting of a pregnant woman

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One of the things doctors always advise to avoid these discomfort a pregnant woman is sleeping on her side or facing her left side.

But in addition to avoiding such discomfort, sleeping on the left side or left side also has other benefits for a pregnant woman and what she is carrying according to experts.

Leading up to this is the statement of Dr. Grace Pien, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. According to him, one of the reasons why a pregnant woman should sleep facing the left side is because of her inferior vena cava or IVC. This is the large vein located in the right side of our body that is responsible for carrying blood from half of our body to our heart.

Therefore, if a pregnant woman sleeps on her back, the fetus may run or squeeze this vein in her abdomen which can affect the flow of blood back to her heart. Similarly, if a pregnant woman falls asleep facing her right, it can also be a reason to squeeze this said vein.

Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side.

Incomplete IVC or inferior vena cava can cause insufficient blood flow to our heart. This in turn can cause a drop in blood pressure and also a decrease in the blood oxygen content of the blood of a pregnant woman.

Concomitant IVC or inferior vena cava can also pose a greater risk to a pregnant woman's life especially if she has a problem with her blood pressure and has complications with her breathing such as asthma.

Impact on baby sleeping position of pregnant woman

A study published in BJOG: International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology says that sleeping on the back (lying) of a pregnant woman increases the chances of experiencing stillbirth or the death of the fetus in her mother's womb. This is by studying the records of women who experienced stillbirth that occurred one night after they slept on their backs.

This was also supported by another study published in PLOS One which said that supine position increases the 3.7 times chance of stillbirth.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, leaning or facing the left side is one of the best sleeping positions for a pregnant woman. Because this position helps to provide adequate blood and nutrition to the placenta or placenta of a pregnant woman for her baby. It is also through this sleeping position that the uterus is prevented from squeezing the liver on the right side of our body.

Not sleeping on your side or sleeping on the back of a pregnant woman can also cause her other health problems. This is due to the pressure and weight of the fetus as it travels through the intestines or intestines and other major blood vessels in the womb of a pregnant woman. Some of the health problems that can be experienced due to the wrong position of the pregnant woman are as follows:

Breathing issues or breathing problems

Digestive problems or digestive problems

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids

That is why doctors advise a pregnant woman to sleep on her left side to avoid these health problems and other complications during her pregnancy.

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One way to get a good night's sleep while a pregnant woman is lying on her back is to place a pillow between her legs. This is to support his stomach and back while lying down. It will also help to prevent his body from rotating or sleeping on his back or stomach.

In case you are still having trouble sleeping, it is best for a pregnant woman to go to the doctor immediately for advice. Because, in a pregnant woman it is very important to get a good night's sleep to provide enough rest for her body and her baby.

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