Health Benefits of green tea

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In case you are just wondering what are the health benefits of green tea, drink it

1. Green tea weight loss

The advantage here is two-fold: not only will green tea give your metabolism a boost, but also, choosing this drink over other sweeter options will greatly reduce your caloric intake, therefore , green tea and weight loss go hand in hand.

2. Less stress

According to, the amino acid, theanine, in green tea, is known for its calming effect. Research shows that it can reduce both a rising heart rate and rising blood pressure.

3. Cancer prevention

While the jury is still out if there is "proof," some studies have shown that green tea can help kill cancer cells; And because green tea is known to help healthy cells with growth, many feel that drinking this "wonder" drink can be one of the ways to naturally help your body heal from within .

4. Reduced risk of diabetes

Green tea can help prevent both the sharp increase in blood sugar after meals and high insulin spikes (thus, also helping to prevent fat storage).

5. Reduced chance of heart disease

Drink green tea and thus, equip your blood vessels with the ability to better withstand changes in blood pressure and the formation of clots - the number one cause of heart attack.

6. Lowered cholesterol

Leave your good cholesterol untouched and bring your bad cholesterol down with regular consumption of green tea.

7. Protection of brain cells

Green tea can play a role in preventing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's by protecting brain cells from dying and restoring those that have been damaged.

8. Stop tooth decay

The aforementioned catechins have the ability to eradicate bacteria and viruses, thus, protecting your teeth from many dental conditions, including tooth decay.

9. Lowered blood pressure

A 2004 study of Chinese tea drinkers showed that drinking as little as one-half cup of green tea daily can potentially lower the risk of high blood pressure by nearly 50%.

10. Less depression

Similar to its effect on those with anxiety, consumption of theanine (a component of green tea), alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

11. Antiviral

Green tea has been shown to have an antiviral effect on the influenza virus.

12. Skin Care

The antioxidants in green tea can counteract the effects of free radicals, which are harmful to the skin. When applied topically, green tea can reduce sun damage and rejuvenate the skin.

13. Improved brain health

A Swiss study showed that the brains of green tea-drinkers have more activity in the working-memory area, than the brains of people who do not include green tea in their diet lifestyle.

14. Healthy cells

Because green tea leaves are not heavily processed, they are rich in catechins that can, potentially, prevent cell damage.

15. Anti-Aging

Wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea are likely to slow the development of signs of aging.

16. Protection from arthritis

According to CNN, green tea can boost the immune system and reduce joint-destroying substances.

17. Stronger bones

Drinking green tea regularly can help stimulate bone formation and help slow the breakdown and weakening of existing bones.

18. Combat food poisoning

Drinking green tea often can protect you from diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dehydration (which can accompany food poisoning), thanks to the strong bactericidal effect of this wonderful healthy drink.

19. Immunity

Green tea benefits also include boosting your immune system. No wonder it is a favorite in many rehab centers. Prime your immune system to fight off infections with powerful antioxidants in green tea, which can fight free radicals very efficiently.

20. Prevent asthma

Caffeine in green tea will not only give you a boost of energy - it will also help those with asthma breathe more easily by relaxing their muscles.

Benefits of drinking green tea are innumerable. This list is just a glimpse into all the riches of this wonderful healthy drink. As the ancient Chinese saying goes, "Better deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." Therefore, drink up, knowing that green tea is not only delicious, but it is also a source of benefits for your whole body.

(A quick word of caution: do not drink tea when you are pregnant, as it has been known to lead to miscarriages.)

How to make green tea?

Also, keep in mind that hot boiling water is too harsh for soft green tea leaves, it will kill all the beneficial ingredients and antioxidants, making your tea taste bitter; Instead, use slightly cooled down filtered water (about 80 ° C), when preparing your wonder drink. Let your green tea prepare from 2 to 5 minutes (you can add honey and lemon, according to your taste) and enjoy a delicious and healthy drink.

I hope you found this list of health benefits of green tea useful.

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3 years ago


You should include there in the anti cancer part that it's also a good antioxidant to both your cells inside and outside, which is why it's such a need for people who always want to stay young looking

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3 years ago

thanks for sharing your other information about the benefits of tea this is a great help to the readers

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3 years ago

I'm glad it's appreciated because i also love green tea and we actually used this for a mini experiment on phytochemicals before

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3 years ago