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Will Bitcoin return to growth and for how long? Bitcoin cryptocurrency forecast Putting Bitcoin exchange rate for

The bitcoin rate in 2017 broke all records and at the time of this writing (August 2017) was approximately $ 4300. Many bitcoin holders and those who are just thinking about buying it are wondering if bitcoin has reached its peak and what the future of this cryptocurrency is. In this article, we have collected 6 of the most daring forecasts of analysts for bitcoin rate in the coming years. The less optimistic of them indicates that the bitcoin rate will increase 11 times, and the most optimistic indicates that bitcoin will increase in price 116 times.

Daniel Harrison predicts: bitcoin will reach $ 48,000 by 2021

Daniel Harrison in 2014, if bitcoin was worth approximately $ 300, predicted based on the cryptocurrency valuation system he created that in 2017 the bitcoin rate would reach $ 2,469.55. And he was right. In 2017, he presented a new forecast for the coming years, according to which the bitcoin rate could reach $ 31,484 in 2020 and $ 48,406 in 2021.

Harrison estimates the future value of bitcoin based on three factors: first, a consumer estimate and purchasing power in the virtual arena; the second is the price issue (the cost of issuing bitcoin compared to other digital currencies); and the last and perhaps the most important factor is the post-investment value of bitcoin (that is, the income of the bitcoin holder in the form of additional income in addition to fluctuations in its own value).

The first factor is more or less clear: its calculation includes the search for the current and possible percentage of virtual space ownership in terms of purchasing power. The more money is used, the higher its value.

The second factor is also pretty obvious: the cost of bitcoin mining continues to rise.

The third factor is the most interesting and generally not considered by bitcoin users just for buying and selling, as well as those who consider bitcoin a financial pyramid. At the same time, Bitcoin has become the same major currency for investing in the world of cryptocurrencies as the dollar in the real economy, while squeezing the dollar. There are cryptocurrency exchanges that do not accept dollars for replenishment, and do not exchange dollars. At the same time, bitcoin is being accepted everywhere, you can buy constantly evolving new cryptocurrencies along with it, which often grows in value several times more than bitcoin. According to Harrison, investments in bitcoins and ether (the second most popular cryptocurrency, in terms of importance it can be compared to the euro in the real economy) in initial token offerings (ICOs) brought investors $ 606 million over the past year and a half, compared to $ 153 million invested directly in bitcoins and ethereums.

Harrison said: “When I tried to pass it in 2014 - digital currencies will evolve as investment assets with their own earning potential - it is not easy to understand because people only look at these units as speculations. Assuming only assets.No one understands that they can be used for investment.And even today, most investors do not think about buying bitcoin to invest them in crowdfunding projects or ICOs (although many activities). See how the scenario has changed about between 2014 and 2017. with the continued issuance of new tokens and an abundance of other innovative digital assets, and you will see how this aspect of analysis of digital currency in determining the primary value of the underlying asset. "

Ronnie Moas predicts: the price of bitcoin could reach $ 50,000 over the next decade

Experienced stock valuer Ronnie Moas has no doubt that Bitcoin will grow to $ 5,000 in 2018, and to $ 50,000 over a decade. Moas attributed the ten-fold increase in the value of bitcoin to the inevitable ten-fold capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. Today all cryptocurrencies combined cost about 0.1% of the value of security and cash. Over the next decade, the share of cryptocurrencies will reach at least 1%. In this case, cryptocurrency investments will now have a tenfold effect. It is possible to occupy cryptocurrencies and 4% of the amount of security and cash, in this case the growth rate of bitcoin, which now provides half of the cryptocurrency market, may be even greater.

"Investors should support cryptocurrency, and if you lose some money, try it anyway. It will be embarrassing when the bitcoin rate rises by another 1000%," Moas advised. The analyst himself bought 10 out of 20 to diversify the investment portfolio.

Tom Lee predicts: the bitcoin rate could reach $ 55,000 by 2022

Tom Lee of Fundstrat became Wall Street’s first big strategist to study Bitcoin and create a vibrant outlook. In his report, he said that Bitcoin could reach $ 55,000 by 2022, stating that Bitcoin will replace gold: "We believe that Bitcoin absorbs the demand for gold. This assumption is the basis for in valuation for Bitcoin, and according to this model, we believe the cost of bitcoin could range from $ 20K to $ 55K by 2022. "

The market value of gold is currently $ 7.5 trillion and bitcoin is approximately $ 70 billion. However, the gold supply is gradually increasing due to intensive mining, while the supply of bitcoin remains stable due to the "ceiling" amounting to 21 million btc. It appears that putting a huge strain on bitcoin, which can only lead to growth.

Dennis Porto Forecasts: Bitcoin Price May Reach $ 100,000 By 2021

Harvard academic Dennis Porto found that Moore's Law applies to the bitcoin rate (an empirical observation, originally made by Gordon Moore, according to which the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit chip doubles every 24 months), in the case of bitcoin only, the doubling period (similar to the cryptocurrency rate) is 8 months. If the current situation persists, after February 2021 the price of a bitcoin will exceed $ 100,000.

Chris Dixon, a well-known venture capitalist of Silicon Valley and partner of Andreessen Horowitz, who invested $ 25 million in bitcoin company Coinbase, also believes the price of bitcoin will reach $ 100,000, but does not provide a specific time frame. Dixon believes Bitcoin will reach this mark if it becomes the main system for online transactions. For everyone to function properly, bitcoin must gain popularity among corporate users, and governments must find a way to peacefully coexist with bitcoin.

Estimates of an investor earning $ 25 million on bitcoin: the bitcoin rate will reach $ 150,000

The man who preferred to call himself Mr. Smith invested $ 3,000 in bitcoins in 2010 and gradually sold them as the rate rose. As a result, his net profit is worth more than $ 25 million. Now he has a thousand bit of bitcoin left in his account, but he plans to change them later, because I am sure the bitcoin rate will continue to grow: "The price will increase to 150 thousand dollars per bitcoin. I think this is true. But it requires the participation of governments of many countries and private companies. There is no speculation that such growth can be achieved. "

Forecasts by Jeremy Liu and Peter Smith: The price of Bitcoin will reach $ 500,000 by 2030

Snapchat investor Jeremy Liu and Blockchain CEO Peter Smith emphasized that shipments to foreign countries have doubled in the last 15 years to reach 0.76% of total domestic domestic sales, and believe growing awareness of Bitcoin and given its cheap use, its role in international transfers will increase by at least 50%. This will be facilitated by the growing number of smartphone users who can only make money transfers with the help of their phone.

The increasing popularity of Bitcoin is driven by rising tensions in the US, UK and developing countries. Investors will invest a significant portion of their Bitcoin funds, which is more than traditional methods of investing in high liquidity, low cost and ease of transfer from one user to another.

But the main factor in the growth rate of bitcoin is the huge growth in the number of its users. In 2013, 120 thousand people used bitcoin, and in 2017 it was 6.5 million. If this trend continues, after 2030 the number of bitcoin users will reach 400 million.

The dollar equivalent for bitcoin held by the average user will also grow. In 2017, this amount was 2.5 thousand dollars. By 2030, the average user will have 25 thousand bitcoins.

With the number of Bitcoin users growing dozens of times, the number of bitcoins themselves will increase slightly: from the current 16.5 million to 20 million in 2030, that is, to just 20%. This is due to the growing complexity of bitcoin mining and the limit of its issuance: no more than 21 million bitcoins can be issued.

Jeremy Liu and Peter Smith conclude that the capitalization of bitcoin by 2030 will reach $ 10 trillion, that is, each bitcoin is worth $ 500,000.

Well-known American businessman and programmer John McAfee agrees with this figure, he only believes that bitcoin will reach the rate of 500 thousand dollars by the summer of 2020 and still promises to eat his reproductive organ in live television if his prediction is not fulfilled.

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for autumn 2017. What will happen to the price in September, October, November, December? Of course, in such a volatile and technological market, it is almost impossible to provide an accurate forecast. In this article, we have collected the latest expert assessments so you can make conclusions yourself. The bitcoin rate has grown by more than 300% since the beginning of the year.

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Is Bitcoin a Bubble to Explode?

Similar patterns, which are signs of a bubble, were seen on the charts of the Nasdaq and Shanghai Composite stock indices on the eve of the collapse of these markets, respectively, in 2000 and 2007, shares DianKemala's observations. In 2000, the American Nasdaq indicator rose two months (January and February) by 30.2%, to 5132.5 points, and then dropped sharply and fell 34% in May, to 3400.9 points. Subsequently, the index dived into September 2002: then it reached the level of 1172.0 points. This collapse was the result of the collapse of the so-called dot-com bubble, formed in the stock market as a result of active investment in Internet stocks from 1995 to 2001.

Investment bank analysts Goldman sachs partially confirm traders' conclusions about the imminent decline in the cryptocurrency rate. Sheba Jafari, chief technical analyst at Goldman Sachs, in his letter to investors, sent on Sunday, August 13, predicted that Bitcoin would reach $ 4,827 in the short term, after which the uptrend would return and the cryptocurrency could fall in price to $ 2,221.

True, in his analysis, Jafari did not call the current situation in the bitcoin market a classic bubble, citing that the cryptocurrency rate will fall as part of the correction - it suggests the possibility of its return to the current price level.

As predicted by Roman Tkachuk, senior analyst at Alpari, in the near future the bitcoin / dollar pair will test the psychological level of $ 5,000. At the same time, a downward correction continues to age. It 's hard to guess which of these events will take precedence - reaching a price of $ 5,000 per bitcoin or back and forth.

"Under these conditions, the following approach may be relevant: buying bitcoin at current levels (with the goal of growing up to $ 5,000) and the ability to buy in addition to the case of a downward correction. At the same time, investing in cryptocurrency is associated with an increased risk (which is compensated by high profitability), so we recommend doing this for 10-20% of your investment portfolio, "the expert advises.

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