Some quotes from Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein is one of the greatest geniuses of all time. His contribution to mankind is everlasting. This physicist gave us ideas about the universe. He is the father of the Theory of Relativity. He has gone through many theories long before the concept of man in the world of science. Einstein was not only a scientist, he was also a philosopher. Going deeper into people, he has analyzed. He was also very talented in speech. Get to know his few quotes about life. These are quite funny, but deeply meaningful.

1. When a man sits next to a beautiful woman for an hour, it seems like only a minute has passed. But putting him on a hot stove would make a minute seem like more than an hour. That is relativity.

2. A happy person is the one who is very satisfied with the present to be present in the future.

3. Most teachers waste time asking different questions to understand what the students do not know. But the artistic form of asking questions is so through which the students can know what they know or how much they know.

4. The only way to escape the corrupt effects of praise is to go to work.

5. If I had taken care of my hair and beard, I would not be able to be like myself anymore.

. In my long life I have learned one thing: all our sciences measured against nature are primitive and childish. But so far this has been our best asset

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