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Module at DROP.XYZ

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4 months ago

When I went to see the coupon code for Dropz.XYZ, I find it amusing that it even emphasises how people react to most trivial things during this pandemic.

In the Facebook page, the "Claim this coupon at dropz" is the word MODULE.

How momentous is the learning module could be in this tough times?

Let's start with the creation of learning modules.


Designing modules is a great privilege, but also a responsibility. It can be difficult, when starting out designing modules. Much effort are put in it. It's a good thing that there are keys to consider when writing a good module.

  • It’s important to have clear, achievable learning outcomes or objectives for your module. What do you want students to know, understand and/or be able to demonstrate after they complete your module? We would usually call these aims learning outcomes or objectives. 

  • Make sure your module is constructively aligned (the learner actively constructs their own understanding and all teaching and assessment is aligned with the intended outcomes)

  • Think about what might affect the design of a module in your context. This is likely to change the way you think about designing outcomes, learning activities, and assessment.

As much as the teachers want to show concern, they became talk of the town because of some who want to ride in the popularity of this hassles. Funny how teachers became instant actors just to stage a scence to be publish for a very selfish reasons.


Being a student in today’s world is a stressful thing that comes as pressure from school, family and even their own personal lives. Now even learning modules weigh down on them and make life more miserable as they say. Though self-learning module (SLM) is designed for independent learning, still some others cannot comprehend the context inside. It may or may not be visible, but in the long run, it does shows difficulty in each students.

Not to mention the rising cases of suicides relating to education. How many cases of suicides already? Worst is the latest news I heard of an elementary students who took her own life. The suicidal age have become lower throughout. Depression are already coming to every students who doesn't know how to handle emotions. For students, try to seek guidance from adults. Do not be ashamed to ask for a chance if you failed. Some teachers also symphathizes with the current difficulties.


Funny nowadays parents have the multi roles to portray. Aside from being a household keeper then, now they became teachers of their children. Take note, although they are the first teachers, but they didn't take lesson on children behaviour in pertaining to imparting lessons. That's why there's a lot of memes that both parents and children just ended up quarrelling over the assignments. It's hilarious that the parents doesn't have the patience to teach their children academic subjects.

For me the expiremental week for this delivery of modules was a success though there are a lot of clerical errors on the module itself. Its true that instead of posting faults and errors in social media, why not call the attention of the one who constructed the module so that it will be corrected. Errors and failures are there to help us what's there to develop and improve what's has been situated.

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Written by   100
4 months ago
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