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QUICK! Emit a NFT they said.

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1 year ago

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I just sent $0.55 from my wallet to my desktop node. There is already 0.2 or so BCH there from years ago, too. ... and after writing this, the transaction is in my wallet. Very nice. So many digits.

Next step, I hope, is get that into eth, to pay gas to opensea, to mint a few drawings I made 5 years ago.

Whoahhh! It is going to take some 'gas' to have opensea mint those works. Its complicated. I don't quite get it, but I think the gas pays for a proxy contract with opensea so they can sell the contracts?? Anyway.. it is going to take about $60 worth of eth to do that right now.

And it matters what time of day, for doing transactions. But there are nice coinswap sites, lots of them. So later tonight, I think, I will have a coinswap site send me a BCH address expecting they will take what I send there and put some value into my ETH address.

The drawings were svg feed for this aborted project:

And here is a screen shot of it currently:

You have to click a few of the boxes to get it to pretend to start. I am a bit surprised the blockchain api is still responding after 5 years. (no, BCH does not have the same or similar websocket) To get the whole experience, click on the 'watch:' address, which will ask the api for updates on that transaction on the block chain. It takes a LONG time, yo, 10 min per block, but the drawing does eventually finish.

PLEASE do not use that address under pay up, I have no idea where that goes anymore.

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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